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Nora York: Sings “What I Want”

In TED Talks on April 26, 2010 at 1:47 pm

Reflection by ANGELA W.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Nora York:  Sings “What I Want”

People want and want, and what people usually want, they cannot have.

Satisfaction is a great deal of peoples’ lives, but our generation expects too much. No matter how good someone has it, they most likely think they have it really bad. People never stop to think about the people that live on the streets, the families in Africa, or all the areas affected by natural disasters. While a rich man sits on his couch, watches TV, and eats all he wants, and is too greedy to donate to a charity, a young child could be starving to death. Our ideas of satisfaction are so high, until we actually put ourselves in a worse position.

For example, a young boy in a village lives in a mediocre house with two bedrooms, a kitchen, electricity, and plumping. He thinks it is very hard to live in his house with his two other siblings and parents. His mother tells him to bring a horse and a cow into the house and to try living with them inside. The young boy does so, and soon realizes, his life could be much worse and his thought about the amount of satisfaction needed to be happy has decreased.

Before Nora begins her song, she recites a part of Sir Thomas Wyatt’s Poem: I find no peace, and all my war is done:

I find no peace, and all my war is done:
I fear, and hope; I burn, and freeze like ice;
I fly above the wind, yet can I not arise;
And nought I have, and all the world I seize on…

The first line is filled with emotion and meaning.

Even after all the fighting and arguments are over, he still does not feel satisfied, or cannot find peace. The third line relates back to the satisfaction level. Although, he has what he wants, he does not feel satisfied.

Nora then begins her song, “What I Want.”

I find this song very easy to relate to. The first few words are “I want what I can’t have, need what I can’t want, have but don’t have what I want.” This simple line just proves that many people want and want, and then they receive but still are not satisfied.

People need to be thankful for what they have and always think “it could be worse,” and if that doesn’t help, move a cow and a horse into your house for a couple days.


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