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Paola Antonelli: Design and the Elastic Mind

In TED Talks on April 26, 2010 at 4:35 pm

Reflection by JONATHON M.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Paola Antonelli:  Design and the Elastic Mind

Paoli has a very interesting point of view on how the mind works he describes it as being elastic or not elastic

He talks about his audiences elasticity and how elastic their minds really are and describes some minds as even having stretch marks because they expanded but weren’t elastic. He explains how elasticity can break he says his dad refuses to have high speed Internet at his house, he even suggests it may be a fear of technology, and having a fear of technology prevents your mind from expanding. We use technology to help elasticise our minds for daily use like when we put on our iPod its like a sauna for our mind as he describes it and puts you in your own personal room. As well as phones no matter where you are talking with someone on the phone you want to be in that room with them talking ignoring your surroundings.

The mind is amazing and ever expanding as long as you allow it to and do not fear the expansion if you fear the expansion your mind isnt realy elastic. Technology helps with the expansion but most humans are not so elastic.

This is where design comes into play the designers try and get rid of the hesitance you might have toward a certain object or new technology.

Some things are just plain out weird but seem effective at least like harddrives with peoples entire lives saved on them and batteries that are powered by the gastric juices of the person who passed away so that you can use them in objects you use on a daily basis and remember them when you turn on the item. some inventions are just stranged and others seem like they would have been invented already but they’re not oddly like the spa telephone. It isolates you so you can relax in the spa and have your own personal space inside this metal noise isolated dome and talk to whoever you want for hours on end without any interruptions.

Having an elastic mind is important to just about anything you do wanting to expand and design new things with the help of science and technology maybe we can even materialize things a 3d printer. Now you’re probably asking yourself what a 3D printer is at this point well ill explain it to you, It is a couple of precise lasers that use a foam of some sort to materialize any thing you tell it to out of the material but it wont have the same physical properties as it but will resemble it in every physical way in terms of color and texture.

The future holds a great many things; hopefuly these things these physical objects allow us to elasticise our mind and have a better understanding of the things around us.


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