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Philip Rosedale: Second Life

In TED Talks on April 26, 2010 at 2:07 pm

Reflection by SAMUEL M.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Philip Rosedale:  Second Life

Virtual worlds are paving the way to a new way of thinking.

The limitations that constrain architecture and design are being broken. With virtual worlds, humans can do virtually anything. Gone are the days where people quit trying because they don’t have anymore time and money. With Second Life, one of the most popular (and successful) virtual worlds available, people can design their own houses, amusement parks, stadiums, and even cities. It doesn’t matter how old or rich you are. Second Life caters to all walks of life.

Second Life, as well as any other virtual world out there, allows its users to interact with one another. This in-game interactivity could lead to real world interaction between two individuals, groups of people, and even corporations. Companies may even send job offers to people who show exceptional skill in scripting, design, ideology, rhetoric (etc). The possibilities virtual worlds have in our social lives are endless. Maybe one day in the future, major design firms and corporations will utilize the technology behind virtual worlds like Second life and interact with average people.

The possibilities virtual worlds have are endless.

Virtual worlds are beneficial to the world in multiple ways. Socially, people can use virtual worlds as a medium to communicate and interact over long distances. Physically, virtual worlds could be used as test sites for architects and designers. In the virtual world, fashion designers could have their clothes rated by the entire in-game community. Virtual worlds like Second Life are slowly (but surely) breaking down the barriers that constrain our thoughts and ideas. This revolution — this new way of thinking in necessary for human development and advancement.

As an Internet addict, I’m ready for this change.


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