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Renny Gleeson: Sneaky Moves of Anti-social Smartphone Users

In TED Talks on April 26, 2010 at 4:01 pm

Reflection by MITCHELL E.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Renny Gleeson:  Sneaky Moves of Anti-social Smartphone Users

I think some of what he is saying is true, however sometimes when you are on your phone, it is very important. Sometimes emergencies happen and you have to be on your phone.

However many people that ignore others for their phone are trying to get away, find an excuse to leave, or looking for better entertainment. Now that iPhones are now out, it increased the phone usage by people tremendously. More people are becoming unsocial with their surroundings because of all of the different activities you can do on phones now.

People are going out of their way with cellphones. This can be very dangerous and make their social life decrease., however their cyber life will increase! Although people not only are ignoring their surroundings to be on their phone while walking or talking with people, but now they are even driving and on the phone! This is causing accidents for many people. Not only is it dangerous for the person on their phone, but it is also dangerous for everyone around them. People need to realize the dangers and unsocialness that being on your cellphone can cause.

People need to start focusing on what is happening to and around them, not what is happening to their friends somewhere else. This way they can be aware, not ignore people around them, and they will not cause accidents! Although this might be hard to do if cellphones increase the activities you are able to do on them. The iPhone just happened to be the first with multiple uses.

Overall, get off your phone and interact more!


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