Christian Long

Marvin Minsky: Health and Human Mind

In TED Talks on May 1, 2010 at 11:07 pm

Reflection by EDWARD C.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Marvin Minsky:  Health and Human Mind

In our world today we face many problems that we hope to fix for our future generations. Such problems include over population, health issues, and other major catastrophes.

So what can we do to stop problems like over population? Over population can lead to a lack of resources that we need to survive. Marvin mentions that if there were 500 million people there would be much more resources for the people around us. But since our population is already around 6 billion how are we supposed to get to 500 million. Unless some major epidemic occurs our numbers are not going to dwindle to such small numbers. So what else can we do? Simple actions like recycling can go a far way to help our environment. Energy saving can also help. But how many people are really going to go through the trouble of installing energy savers such as solar panels? And even if a few do will that make a big difference for the world? This makes me believe that in order to preserve the necessities that we so dearly need we need to act together to save and preserve our resources. Overpopulation’s effect of lack of resources can be avoided.

Another major topic is the spreading of disease. Marvin talks about how simple handshakes can spread diseases. So that makes me wonder what other thing in our cultures makes us spread diseases? Can the number of diseases be reduced simple by changing certain aspects of our culture? I believe so. Because so many people follow the common rules of society, if we modify certain rules to prevent the spread of germs we can reduce the number of yearly diseases by the hundreds at least. Other small things such as sharing drinks, holding hands and kissing are all ways diseases are spread throughout our world. The likelihood of our society to stop and change such actions is unlikely since these deeds are so important to show affection in today’s society. But if we are willing to change such habits I believe that we elude many problems.

Marvin believes if we are somehow allowed to live longer we can become smarter therefore finding a solution to all these situations. I believe that this wouldn’t help much because all scientists record their data and what they think of the experiments therefore allowing others to create their own views of experiments. It’s almost as if we are starting off where others left off therefore we are all using past lives to further our own studies. If people didn’t record their findings it would be a different story because everyone would be starting off at square one and no matter how far you get in the subject you are studying once you have passed away your findings leave with you.

So overall what can we do to help our environment that will in turn affect all of us? We can work together. If only one person recycles, or only one persons strays from his or her culture to avoid germs it won’t affect the other 599,999,9999,999 that much but if even a quarter of that number does some of these thing the future can be a much brighter and healthier place.


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