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Michael Milken: Activism

In TED Talks on May 1, 2010 at 10:48 pm

Reflection by BRITTANY M.

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Michael Milken:  Activism

He emphasizes the importance of teachers and their impact on the future along with ways to bring people together to better the environment and natural world around us.

Teachers have chosen one of the most under appreciated occupations there is. They make a pay check ranging from 40,000 to 45,000 dollars. These are the people that are responsible for teaching the future doctors, lawyers, and world leaders. Music managers can make anywhere around 70,000 to 75,000 dollars. In my personal opinion, I believe that a teachers job is a bit more important, but that is just me speaking. I mean it’s not like teachers are in charge of raising our youth and make sure they learn as much as possible about life both educationally along with everyday issues. Students spend at least eight hours a week day with their teachers and that is only if they go to their required classes, not including football games, after school clubs, and early school hours. Teachers could be partially credited to work as a parent. They teach us wrong and right, how to share, and have a huge influence on what we ultimately decide to do with our lives. They inspire us beyond belief.

One of my personal favorite teachers is my advisor, Mr. Renshaw. Our school requires that everyone has a teacher advisor to obviously advise us. We discuss issues from grades to politics to video games. He helps us with our studying habits, test taking skills, and personal goals or problems. Our advisory has a family-like feel to it which makes it comfortable to discuss anything. If it were not for teachers there would be no one there to guide us in the right direction in life and to push us further everyday in class.

Another subject Milken discusses is using your good qualities in life.

By using the skills you excel in you can help not only yourself but you home, family, and environment. Your skills don’t have to be profound to have an affect. By doing what you know or are able to do best you can work together with other people who have the same skill to do something astounding. You can make your community better by helping around parks or organizing parties. There are many skills need that can make a huge difference. It is our responsibility to take action. Life is priceless and Milken puts it and we need to take advantage of every moment we have.


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