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Joel Levine: Why We Need to Go Back to Mars

In TED Talks on May 2, 2010 at 10:24 pm

Reflection by ALEX C.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Joel Levine: Why We Need to Go Back to Mars

Have you ever wondered if there was life in another planet?

Well, Joel Levine could have the answer to that question that has been bothering you. He believes that there could be life on another planet and that the plane that is most likely to have life is the red planet, Mars. In his talk Joel presents evidence that can prove that there is life on Mars and how it can be checked with a little funding.

Here are some of the reasons that Mr. Levine believes that there is life on Mars. Currently there is not water on the surface of Mars, but there is evidence that proves that some billions of years ago there were oceans and rivers. There are glaciers just like the ones in Antarctica and there is lots of water under the surface of Mars according to measurements made by a satellite a few years ago. According to Mr. Levine there is something even more interesting. There is a presence of methane. On Earth 99.9% of methane is produced by living organisms. These living organisms are not to be mixed up with human-like creatures but rather microscopic life below or at the surface. These hypotheses can have not been confirmed YET, which is why Mr. Levine believes that we should go back to confirm these hypotheses.

Although we already have rovers and satellites monitoring Mars they cannot go all over Mars. Mars has the biggest volcano and Grand Canyon of our solar system. Joel Levine suggests that we send a rocket propelled plane that has a 21 foot wingspan. This plane would be the first plane to fly outside the Earth’s atmosphere. It would fly about a mile above the surface at 450 miles an hour. There will be instruments aboard the plane to determine what kind of gases there are and where they come from and a camera that can relay images back to NASA.

Joel Levine believes that in just one hour the textbooks about Mars can be rewritten. Everything is ready to go the plane has been built and tested at 103,000 feet.

Do you think that with Mr. Levine’s evidence that there is life on Mars?


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