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Elene Gabre-Madhin: Ethiopian Economics

In TED Talks on May 4, 2010 at 9:29 pm

Reflection by HANNAH W.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Elene Gabre-Madhin:  Ethiopian Economics

In this TED talk, Eleni Gabre-Madhin talks about how she would help Ethiopia in their economic crisis. Her idea to do this is by creating the first commodities market in Ethiopia. This plan, according to Madhin, would mainly help the farmers so that their problems could be solved.

Madhin stated that, “Most Africans today, by far are farmers and African agriculture today is among or is, the most under capitalized in the world.” I think that if the farmers were educated then maybe that could help Africa come out of under-capitalization. She also stated that, “African farmers only use some 22 kilograms of fertilizer compared to 144 in Asia”. This struck me because fertilizer is an important necessity when growing plants and food. If you don’t have the to be able to produce crops, then how is it possible to be successful in growth? I believe that this is the cause of some parts of Africa having scarce food. Another statement was, “There was actually a surplus of food in the fertile regions of the south parts of the country.” The clue word is fertile. When there are areas that are fertile, farmers having knowledge about the climate and how to treat the soil, crops are more likely to produce. In this case, this is how the south had a surplus of food than the north.

The ECX or known as the Ethiopia commodity Exchange is a great start to make changes to end this crisis. Building terminal centers for farmers, operating warehouses, and running a in-house clearing system is a intelligent idea. The only way that can work is if knowledge is spreaded on to the farmers to where the economic crisis of Ethiopia decreases and hopefully ends.

  1. This is a seminal undertaking, even in the South Hemisphere. I hope we can take her intiative to a TED event, an Ethiopian chapter: TEDx: ASCA Addis. I hope so. That will pass over the ball to the next gen.

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