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Reed Kroloff: Modern and Romantic Architecture

In TED Talks on May 4, 2010 at 9:47 pm

Reflection by DANIEL L.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Reed Kroloff:  Modern and Romantic Architecture

When the planes crashed into The World Trade Center during 9/11 and everything was destroyed, I thought to myself, are they ever going to rebuid the world trade center? I know that this building was an extremly important building in the world and it was very sad to see it destroyed. I know that no one expected this awful tragedy, but wouldn’t you think that a building so important, would have more security. Now I know theres not much you can do to prevent a plane from crashing into it, but its just sad to see all that value into one building just be destroyed like that.

A man by the name of Reed Kroloff talked about how they are going to build a building to replace the World Trade Center, now whats weird about this building is it looks very weird, and it almost looks like a giant hole in the ground with big buildings falling into it. Thats just what the design looks like. Now whats interesting about this is Reed Kroloff made a point by saying, “architecture is the built form of our ambitions”. Thats very ironic because, why would you want a built form of your ambition to look like that? Anyways I just thought it was very ironic. So Reed Kroloff also talked about how there is more talk about making buildings like the World Trade Center more safe, and how architecture is getting so advanced they are starting to literally weaponize important buildings like The World Trade Center. Reed Kroloff also talked about the ongoing struggle that American Architecture represents. He thinks that America is starting to get too flashy with their buildings.

Now I agree with Reed Kroloff that the new World Trade Center shouldnt like a big hole with buildings falling into it, but I do like the fact that American architecture is getting away from the regular normal buildings, and is starting to advance. The new buildings arent just going to be more flashy then the old ones, but also more safe because of the new designs and technology that are going into these new buildings.

It was a very sad day when The World Trade Center fell down on 9/11, and hopefully with this new architecture, it wont happen again.


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