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Hector Ruiz: Connecting the World

In TED Talks on May 5, 2010 at 10:14 pm

Reflection by ANDREW R.

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Hector Ruiz:  Connecting the World

In this talk, Hector Ruiz speaks of his ultimate goal. He tells his riveting life story and explains why he strives for his goal. He hopes that one day the world will be connected by the internet. He understands that this is a very difficult task, but he has faith that his dream will one day come true.

Hector Ruiz was born in an impoverished village in Mexico. He was the oldest of five children. He was the only boy out of the five. Hector was the first person in his family to receive a college education. As a child, he was pressured by his parents to be the best he could be at everything he did. His parents told him that every night before he went to bed, he should be able to look back at that day and be able to say that he positively contributed one thing that he couldn’t have done any better. He has taken that mind-set to his career therefore he can be the best he can possibility be for his company. He has risen to the top and is now the CEO of AMD, a major company.

Ruiz says that he has two passions in life: children and education.

Ruiz wants to connect the world through the internet so he can give underprivileged children an education. By doing this, he would be positively affecting both of the passions of his life. The name of this project is 50 x 15. He and his company, AMD, plan to have 50% of the world connected to the internet by 2015.

To approach this project, he has used life lessons that his father taught him. It is very special that he was able to speak about how his father affected his life, considering that many people who grow up in poor areas don’t have the privilege of having a father. One of the main lessons that his father taught him was that every generation has to be better than the last. His father reminded him of this life lesson when he went away to college, got married to him wife, and first became a father. Ruiz also uses this philosophy at his workplace to be a better employee, in his case, CEO, than the last.

Ruiz feels great sympathy for the children who don’t get the opportunity to receive the education that many people take for granted. He attempts to provide many of these children with the technology that can connect them to the internet in order to get a good education.

In this 20 minute video, the point that Ruiz is trying to get across is that he hopes to supply much more of the world with internet and education than it has been in the past. His 50 x 15 project is the basis for this goal, and he is confident that it will be successful.


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