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Arthur Ganson: Makes Moving Sculpture

In TED Talks on May 10, 2010 at 10:41 pm

Reflection by HALEY M.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Arthur Ganson:  Makes Moving Sculpture

During his talk, Arthur Ganson explains how he has a passion for putting his love for things into art. He talks about himself as a child and how he was very shy and liked his own personal space. For him, he would put his feelings into objects that he made, and gave them to people as a gesture of his love for them. Arthur mentions how he learned to talk through his hands, and it was a very special way of doing things for him.

Arthur shows us many of the objects he has made, they are very interesting. The very first thing he shows us is a flipbook he made when he was in jr. high. He talked about how he was discovering motion and started to explore it. He became very interested with everything he learned. He continued with his passion for thinking and creating objects. During college, Ganson made many complex machines on his own that he did through many different interests. In fact, he loved using his hands so much he decided to take an art class. Although instead of using art to create a painting, he was just interested in the types of machines he could make. Arthur mentions how he is a problem solver and is always looking for more things he can solve. One idea for a machine he wanted to make was to have a little plastic man be able to walk back and forth with just the turning of a crank. He was not sure where this machine was going or what would become of it, but all he had was that simple idea.

Arthur has a passion for thinking of what anything could be if it was put into motion. Even the most plain object could be something incredible in his mind. At dinner once, he even had the idea of a wishbone being a cowboy that rode a horse for too long. And as he played with the wishbone and made it walk across the table, he decided that he could actually make a machine that could do that. He relates the way he moves the wishbones and makes it walk to a puppet and a puppeteer. Which is very true, and he creates a machine that replaces him.

Arthur Ganson is very focused on machines, how they work, and creating many of his own. He has already made so many that are interesting in very many ways. Although he is not just working on machines, but tools that can help him build newer and more advanced machines. In the end, the machines Arthur has designed are very neat and he will continue to build more interesting machines.


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