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Don Norman: 3 Ways Good Design Makes You Happy

In TED Talks on May 10, 2010 at 9:51 pm

Reflection by MARY M.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Don Norman: 3 Ways Good Design Makes You Happy

Don Norman starts off his talk saying that he is not much of a pretty person, meaning that the things around him are more useful, more useable, than pretty. But, then, Norman started talking about design. He started off by talking about a juicer. It doesn’t look like any normal juicer, though. It has the sort of beauty you would see in modern art rather than a common household, though. With the juicer came a note that said, “Do not use this juicer to make juice. The acid will ruin the gold plating.”

Next, is a Ping-pong table that has a projector set up above it. It projects fish and water on to the table, and every time the ping pong ball hits the table, ripples appear on the table and scare the fish to swim in different directions.

One of the last objects is a teapot that Norman found in Chicago. It’s called a tilting teapot. to use it, you lay it on its back and put the tea in. Then you fill it up with water and let it seep over the tea. When the tea is almost ready, you tilt it back up a little. When the tea is done, you tilt it forward to pour it into your cup. Then the waiter can come by and fill it back up with water again. Norman also explains how the human mind wrks in regard to deadlines and goes even further by explaining how the designs appeal to our minds.


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