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Ian Dunbar: Dog-Friendly Dog Training

In TED Talks on May 10, 2010 at 3:58 pm

Reflection by EDWARD C.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Ian Dunbar:  Dog-Friendly Dog Training

As I watched this video I thought of how this could relate to how to raise other species. Can you raise a human like you raise a dog? The fundamental principle Ian Dunbar uses to make a dog obedient seems to be similar to how an adult would raise his or her child.

Ian’s starting point of his presentation states that many dog’s masters rewards the puppy for jumping around and climbing on the master. But when they get older and bigger, and they do the same thing they are immediately punished in some way shape or form depending on the master.

Do we not do the same thing with kids? When they are little you think that everything they do is “cute” but when they become teenagers do you not scold them for the same actions they do when they were little children? I believe if parents took into consideration their children’s perspective more they would be able to make their children do what they want them to do more often. Ian talks how you can manipulate the dog to think that it is the one that is being served. By doing this you will be able to make it do anything you want it to do. This same concept can be used to raise anything. If parents would brainstorm how to make their children feel like they are in charge they would have much more control. As long as there is a compromising line where both people are satified this method of training can be effective.

One of the most interesting points that Ian brought up is the dogs point of view. He states that the dog believes that if he does a single action that its master wants it to do the dog is rewarded with having his own personal servant. This is interesting because by using reverse pshycology Ian has found a way to effectively make the dog do what he wants it to do. So how can we apply this tactic to our everyday lives? well we already use reverse pshycology in our everyday lives wether you no it or not. For example have you ever played a trick on a friend by making him think one thing therefore leading him to do another thing? This is just a simple tactic of reverse phsycology. Our nations politics do the same thing to manipulate their adversarys everyday. Throughout these examples the person in charge considers the recipeints view then through what he or she believes will happen changes the action to what he or she wants the recipient to do.

So outside of dog training what are some ways that you can use the same ways to achieve what you desire? Have such ways proved to be effective or have you found other, more effective, methods?


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