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Paul Sereno: Digs Up Dinosaurs

In TED Talks on May 10, 2010 at 3:42 pm

Reflection by CONNOR M.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Paul Sereno: Digs Up Dinosaurs

People don’t traditionally, as I see it, know much about scientists unless they are one themselves. Scientists, particularly archeologists seen in this video, are constantly out in the field working. If they’re not out in the field, they’re processing the information learned or found in the field. This is what makes it so difficult for potential up-and-coming scientists to actual become scientists.

It’s also interesting that Sereno points out that most/all scientists began their careers as failures to societys’ standards. The dangerous lack of scientists is the result of all this, and it’s difficult to say where they all are to come from. However, the students that Sereno presented on the slideshow are now wanted by all sorts of schools for their scientific intellect, thanks to the expeditions they were exposed to.

So therefore exposure seems to be the best solution. I am especially drawn to Sereno’s closing words on how someone is to generally go about becoming a scientist. They must first learn by doing, which is drawing on the exposure I mentioned. The exposure really informs them on how a career in this field would be perfect for them or if it really is something they don’t wish to do.

The next is to envision oneself doing this sort of career. This is important because imagination and “dreams” so to speak are vital to one’s success, at least in my opinion. If you can’t envision yourself doing something you think you want to do, then more likely than not you in fact do not wish to take up such a career, and achieving it would gain you nothing in the end.

Lastly, one must learn their capabilities to go about what they envision themselves doing. This act is bolstered from the said exposure, which is important because it really conditions oneself into realizing if one is truly cut out for that career.

Sereno does speak of science when he states all this, but I believe it can easily be put into the context of any achievement. If you think you wish to do something, first learn by doing, then envision yourself doing it, and then learn your cababilities to do so. You may be surprised with the results.


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