Christian Long

Paula Scher: Gets Serious

In TED Talks on May 10, 2010 at 11:21 pm

Reflection by KIERSTON R.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Paula Scher:  Gets Serious

This enlightening, energetic talk is all about being in the world of design. In the opinion of accomplished designer Paula Scher, design is play. ‘The dictionary defines play as engaging in a childlike activity, or gameblling’, says Scher, ‘and as a designer I do both’.

She then goes on to talk about the difference in serious design and solum design. Solum design just is, it is expected, it is predicted, there is no real creativity. Where as, serious design is spontaneous, unexpected, and it has its own unique identity. Serious design is often considered a failure in terms of solum design.

However, serious design can become solum if it is accepted and becomes popular because its uniqueness and identity is taken away because it is over done. ‘As a designer I can only think of three times that I have been serious’, Scher says. The world of art and design is infamous for robbing the idenity of many artists. Ms. Scher tell of the many times she has had to rediscover herself do to loss of identity. She then tells about how she has had to accept solum design and figure out a way to recreate it to make it serious agian.

I enjoyed this talk very much and would recommend it to anyone, Ms. Scher has quite a way with words. She commads the stage and makes want to listen and really understand. The stories that she told were very real and easy to relate to even though I have not lived the life of a professional designer. I thought the most powerful aspect of this talk was the fact that it could be applied not only to design but to life in general.


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