Christian Long

Lennart Green Close Up Card Magic

In TED Talks on May 12, 2010 at 4:25 am

Reflection by ADAM K.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Lennart Green Close Up Card Magic

Magic is the noun used to describe the unexplainable or supernatural. We as humans are fascinated by the supernatural and unnatural, due to it not being able to be explained by the natural laws of our world. Before the modern age and the scientific revolution if something didn’t add up or make sense, it was considered magic. Now as the modern age has dawned, science has explained the previously unexplainable. Although the unexplained has been explained, people still like to see wondrous achievements that seem to be impossible be done. Like flying, we know humans can’t fly, but its still entertaining to watch someone fly even if we know he’s not really flying. Magic has become a form of entertainment and Lennart Green demonstrates this with cards. He takes a quick glimpse at the deck, asks the audience for any card, the audience replies with a card, and he finds it without looking at the deck.

It’s Magic right?

Nope, its pure memory not some wand or supernatural ability, unless you consider the mind a supernatural thing. He can even find cards with aluminum over his face, no tricks, unless of course you call memory a trick. His only trick is not the mind though, he seems to make cards “appear” from nothing.

How does that happen? Magic?

Nope, its quick hand motions, reflexes, and “card up the sleeve” type stuff. Magic that was previously recognized as legitimate and a reasonable explanation for the unexplainable, has become a parlor trick, with some reward, but is mearly entertainment. This entertainment also demonstrates the ability of the human mind and reflexes, by moving one’s hands fast enough, it appears like they are not there, by remembering things it seems like one could be psychic. Lennart Green shows the great ability of humans through card tricks.


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