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Randy Pausch: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

In TED Talks on May 20, 2010 at 10:09 pm

Reflection by ERIN M.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Randy Pausch:  Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Randy Psauch is very inspirational as he gives his talk about achieving your childhood dreams. He was dying of pancreatic cancer during the time of his speech. However, while most would be in a depression Psauch used this opportunity to teach others life lessons they will never forget. For me, watching this video was a chance to learn these lessons without going through the actual experiences. As he told the story of his childhood dreams he inspired the audience to achieve their own. No one should be afraid to go after their dreams. One thing I learned from this video is that the reason that achieving our dreams is a challenge is to test how passionate we are about them. If you don’t try to get past the challenges then you will never achieve your dreams, but more importantly you can never learn the lesson you were meant to learn. It is important to know that the obstacles in your life are there for a reason.

Psauch’s story was touching and uplifting. He has been in zero gravity, he has worked at Disney, and he was a professor, so who can say that achieving your dreams is impossible? Everyone childhood dreams, but few people believe they can actually achieve. People can achieve their dreams if they go after them. The opportunity will most likely never come to you. Then when you go after your dreams you cannot let the obstacles get in the way. Psauch had many obstacles in his life, but he never let them stop him. From this video I learned more important lessons than I will ever learn in school. I want to encourage others to watch this video if you have not.  It is an upbeat video that has inspired so many already. This talk will motivate anyone to achieve their dreams. No dream.


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