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Dr. Seyi Oyesola: Tours a Hospital in Nigeria

In TED Talks on May 22, 2010 at 11:34 pm

Reflection by BRITTANY M.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Dr. Seyi Oyesola:  Tours a Hospital in Nigeria

Dr. Seyi Oyesola does an excellent job giving a talk over hospitals in Nigeria along with his personal experience of helping give an open heart surgery at one of the ill equipped hospitals. He discusses the importance of returning to your homeland and repaying your country with whatever skills you have developed that could help move your country forward and into a brighter future.

Nigeria is a somewhat backwards country when it comes to the economy as well as their medical supplies. The mortality rate is extremely low when compared to other countries as well as the average life expectancy. Oyesola’s goal is to inspire people to return to their homes and not to become caught up in where they go for a better life but to accomplish your goal and return to help make your real home better. If more people have the same mind set such as Dr. Seyi, we can gradually improve the health and poverty issues around the world. He along with a team of doctors were able to perform heart surgery with donated equipment that was not in the best condition. They made the best of what they had and used the skills they had perfected to do a good deed in a country that was greatly deprived. They accomplished something that others would have said would be impossible, and they did it more than once. They performed twelve open heart successful surgery’s. They have perfected their ventilators to be more efficient and transportable.

It is important that we use our ideas to help better Africa and that we adapt things to become appropriate for Africa. We can not go into Africa expecting to make radical changes before thinking about their economic situation. We can not better them if they can not afford that which will make them better. We must make a more conscience effort to better Africa in ways that are essential and actually possible.


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