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Shekhar Kapur: We Are the Stories We Tell Ourselves

In TED Talks on May 22, 2010 at 9:25 pm

Reflection by MELISSA H.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Shekhar Kapur:  We Are the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Kapur Shekhar is an Indian film director and was nominated for an Academy awards for his movies Elizabeth and it’s sequel Elizabeth: The Golden Age. In this video Shekhar is giving a talk about how the stories we tell ourselves are what we are definitely capable of. I’m so glad I saved this video for last, because I just got finished with presenting my original TED talk yesterday in English class.

Everyone has stories. Some have millions, and others only have a few. Most people like to explain things by telling stories because this is the easiest way the let other people understand what you are trying to tell. No matter what the subject is that you’re telling the story of define your potential existence. In class yesterday my friend Daniel, gave a talk about how you can say you want to do or be anything but you have to give all you have and work at that all the time to become successful.

Maybe Shekar would use to talk about being a film director when he was a little boy, but most people think that’s a very hard job to get involved with. Obviously, he was doing something right when he was telling this story to people. Kapur Shekhar is now a very successful Indian film director.

During this next week, I will look forward to hearing all my classmates own stories in class. There is something about each and every one’s talk that will define them as a person and a student. This may be because the subject is very important to them or because they want other people to be aware of their subject. Whatever it happens to be, the story lies within themselves and everyone will have the potential to reach anything they want if they just try.

In my talk I told a story about my family business. We celebrated 100 years this past year, which is a big deal for a small family business. I think giving this talk gives me the capability of basically doing anything I set my heart too. I think anything is possible is you put all your faith into it, and work your hardest. Even just simply telling stories can convince other people of their capabilities as well.


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