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Alex Steffen: Sees a Sustainable Future

In TED Talks on May 23, 2010 at 9:38 pm

Reflection by MILES W.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Alex Steffen:  Sees a Sustainable Future

While many people may find talks about the development of of technologies to help sustain the earth interesting, I, sadly, do not. I don’t find the information about what is to come in the future to be feasible.

Mr. Steffen presents in this talk, that seems to be more of an advertisement for WorldChanging than a talk about the future of our planet, many ideas and prospects for sustaining the earth that seem very unrealistic. But even though there were many ideas presented, at times the talk seemed like an exposé on others ideas that have already come to fruition. This definitely took away from the talk and my view of these new ideas of sustainability that he presented.

Although the talk lacked much substance and was very scatterbrained, due to the constant shift in focus from ways to conserve energy, biomimicry, and great plugging for WorldChanging, which I do remember strongly. If that was Mr. Steffen’s goal he was successful. But a positive thing, concerning the talk itself, was the concept of a Bright Green Future. It’s the concept of turning the future into a much greener place, better for human life. It is great that there is an organized initiative for making the world a greener place. But at the same time it lacks organization in the sense that while there is a large group of people working to provide us with a better earth, there is no main focus that will bring us this Bright Green Future. Just as the talk lacked focus, this group lacks focus in the matter of which is more important, the amount of energy we use or power cords that glow depending on the amount of energy you use. Issues like this are why I cannot see these sustainability concepts as something that is possible. As long as there is no clear focus on what these will accomplish I see no way that these goals will be obtained.

But this talk did show me how far we have come with information technology and how it can help achieve these goals. It has shown that we are closer than ever to creating a better earthand we are not far away.


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