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Garrett Lisi: Theory of Everything

In TED Talks on May 23, 2010 at 12:28 am

Reflection by GAGE L.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Garrett Lisi:  Theory of Everything

In Mr. Lisi’s talk, it was very hard to follow if you did not have any previous information of the topic.

As i began listening to the talk over and over again for at least three times I decided to do some research on quarks. After looking I found out that a quark has to do with the protons and neutrons in an atom. An up quark is 2/3 of a charge and a down quark is -1/3 charge. This means that a proton consists of two up quarks and a down quark, this in an equation looks like (2/3+2/3+(-1/3)=1. Which is the charge of a proton +1. A neutron consists of two down quarks and one up quark. In this equation it looks like this, (-1/3+(-1/3)+2/3)=0. Which is the charge of a neutron 0. This concept was very difficult to understand because I wasn’t quite sure what these quarks did in everyday life. When researching these the topic i found out they could be found in bio nuclear chemistry.

Other than that, Mr. Lisi’s concept was extremely difficult to follow. His theory on everything was very interesting though. Watching this video allowed me to open up my perspective on the way he visualizes everything and not just my views. Even though his concepts were hard to follow and understand I still am very intrigued on what he had to say. Maybe later on in my life I will actually be able to grasp this concept and better understand it.

  1. Gage,
    Sounds like you’re on your way.

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