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Graham Hill: Weekday Vegetarian

In TED Talks on May 24, 2010 at 10:40 am

Extra credit reflection by SYLVIA A.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Graham Hill:  Weekday Vegetarian

I really enjoyed this talk for many reasons. First off, it’s short and sweet and to the point. Not every talk needs 45 minutes worth of information to really inspire people and cause action. Change is possible, even with a 4 minute video like this one. The important factor really is the speaker and what he does with his time on stage.

I think Graham Hill did exactly what was needed to inspire all the meat-eaters out there. His mannerisms, tone of voice, and overall demeanor were very calm and intentional. I definitely believed him when he said his parents were mellow people as well and that he cared about the environment. It also didn’t surprise me that he created a site called tree hugger. He looks like just that type of person and I’m glad it came across well in his talk, instead of over the top trippy-hippie-calling-all-vegans type of talk that could have taken place.

I also enjoyed how his talk did not rant about horrific meat statistics, but laid them out calmly for us to decipher ourselves. Instead of forcing them upon us, he just offered us suggestions that made his audience more open to his ideas.

And lastly I really loved the pure content of his idea. Revolutionary; the concept of being a vegetarian half the week and a meat-eater the other half! You may here a twinge of sarcasm in that, but there really isn’t. It clears the conscious of us carnivores. When someone tries to become a vegetarian it is extremely hard to not be tempted by all the meat around them and then when they finally crack they feel guilty, but oh-so satisfied. Many feel like they must be either, or and like Hill points out, that’s just not true.

In a society where we feel forced and pressured to revolutionize the world in a day with all of this “green” talk it’s hard for most Americans. Therefore, we end up succumbing to our lazy everyday habits and lack any ability to think outside the box for simple solutions. Nowadays people look for convenience; something that takes the least amount of effort. The solution Hill has come up with does just that. It’s simple and easy to follow and the outcome has great benefits, on a personal level and on a larger global scale. Hopefully it will gradually help people start to not only help the cows and the environment but also enjoy and embrace the concept of being a weekday vegetarian.

Heck I might even give it a try; thanks, Mr. Hill!


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