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Graham Hill: Weekday Vegetarian

In TED Talks on May 24, 2010 at 8:03 am

Extra credit reflection by EDWARD C.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Graham Hill:  Weekday Vegetarian

Like Graham, I am aware of the disadvantages of consuming too much meat. In fact most of us are probably aware of the statistics yet we are still eating so much meat every day.

So why do we do it if it is so bad for us? Why do we continue going to McDonalds, Burger King, and other fast food restaurants so many times a week?

Well the answer is because it cheap fast and convenient. We are so accustomed in America to live off of these fast food restaurants. But how can we change this? It is hard to change anything forever. I had my share of setting big goals yet just failing because I didn’t make smaller goals. Like Graham said “imagine your last hamburger”. I know I couldn’t. But what if we break up our ultimate goal into smaller ones? After all you can’t set an ignoramus goal and expect to achieve it without setting smaller ones to help you along the way. This concept can even be applied to your other goals that are in need of breaking up to smaller pieces.

I believe Graham’s weekday vegetarian plan is very good because It allows him to give him a break every week while help saving some money. By achieving these smaller steps, he is more likely to obtain his ultimate goal. Now he still might not be a full vegetarian, but even if he does not he still would be consuming much less meat weekly. His life span will also be most definitely expanded because of his choices. If we all did this we could greatly reduce the rate of obesity, animal cruelty and the morality rate throughout many nations. Simple actions such as cutting down on things you do not want to do is hard but it can also be mad easier if only you make the effort to divide your big goal into smaller goals.

Graham also mentioned if we replaced some of the less healthy meats, such as red meats, with healthier meats it can also help us live longer. After all just in America we are suffering through sky high obesity rates. These rates can be reduced if we take action. It is not only the adults that get obese but it is also the children. From a certain age the child is not aware of the harms of fattening foods. He or she can’t decide what is good or what is bad for him or her. In this time period it is the parents who decide what the children eat. And if the parent is accustomed to burgers, pizza, and other unhealthy stuff it is more likely that the child will be too. Because the children will be obese at such a young age that child’s chance of being in shape in the future is reduced.

This chain reaction will create a whole new generation of obese people. We must break this chain and create a new one. There are so many advantages with just cutting down on the amount of meat we eat everyday!

So take a leap and try it. If we all do it, think about how much money will be saved. Think about how many animals we would be saving. Think about the future.


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