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Sam Martin: Builds a Room of His Own

In TED Talks on May 24, 2010 at 12:32 pm

Extra credit reflection by KEITH C.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Sam Martin: Builds a Room of His Own

I must say, after seeing this talk I am urged to follow Sam’s advice and create my own ‘manspace’.

One thing that I found interesting was that Sam created his ‘manspace’ as a more productive work station. When I first saw the title of this talk I imagined the garage/basement situation where a bunch of guys sit around and watch a game or play some pool. However now that I think about it and consider all the examples that Sam gave, there are plenty of ‘manspaces’ out there that are not just trashy little hangout rooms.

I was amazed after seeing all the ‘manspaces’ that were created by guys that had a passion. All of the rooms that Sam showed seemed so relaxing and comfortable. For example, the one that was made inside of a wooden tugboat looked so luxurious, but at the same time it seemed very simple. Due to previous experience I feel like these rooms started off as an idea that wasn’t really serious, but they were so passionate about it that they were able to produce something amazing. I also think that some of the best things that are made in the world are the ones that are not prompted and are not restricted to a certain criteria, but just truly inspired by the passion of the creator. Another point that I would like to make that I think is quite ironic is, these guys are working so hard and they put so much effort into this new spaces that they plan to relax with their friends.

Lastly I would like to talk about the ‘manspace’ that was made to resemble a 16th century Chinese teahouse. To me this is a whole new level of ‘manspace’. This hardcore ‘manspace’ is a completely different concept than the manspaces previously seen in the talk. This guy imported every single material for this house and had it built by a Japanese carpenter that built it in the traditional style with no screw or nails. To me this is ridiculous, in a good way.

In conclusion, ‘manspaces’ are the coolest thing ever.


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