Christian Long

Caleb Chung: Plays with Pleo

In TED Talks on May 25, 2010 at 10:05 pm

Reflection by JONATHON M.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Caleb Chung:  Plays with Pleo

Caleb has a deep passion for creating toys he starts out with a few minute video sharing some of his products and displaying his love for some of his inventions. He moves on through several interesting toy designs from a food maker for kids to fighting robots, I in fact have actually owned one of his products. This man is literally a creative genius he has created so many products that you have probably had as a kid and didnt even know. he is an amazing inventor although toys as we may have thought about in the past may be coming to an end he is staying current and evolving with the market he has created robots that can provide entertainment to those who may find video games to be a tad rudimentary. Sometimes you need to delve deeper into something to immerse your self fully, and creating a true to life robot that does things and interacts with you is probably the easiest way and on the most basic and advanced levels of human communication. A video game cannot be there it cant be physically touched only experienced virtually with a controller or a mouse and keyboard ( at least for now ). Having a lifelike robot or just a robot that is not neccesarily life like can provide a deeper level of understanding and touching your life, a small child with even a basic robot versus a video game in their current state one child will come out very different from the other i cannot particularly state what the effects will be but, my gut says the child having interactions with a physical robot versus a video game will probably be more socially adept than the child playing video games, although video games may encourage better hand eye coordination the child who has the robot will live a better life most likely. Until video games reach the point where they can physically touch you and affect you there is no substitute for the physical interaction that a human or physical object that communicates with you has.


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