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Dee Boersma: Pay Attention to Penguins

In TED Talks on May 25, 2010 at 8:21 pm

Extra credit reflection by EDWARD C.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Dee Boersma:  Pay Attention to Penguins

Dees starts off by comparing how society was years ago compared to how society is now. People are overcompensating and using up the world’s natural resources is the speaker’s point. She emphasizes the importance of the penguin’s species. She talks about how amazing and how penguins are well liked by everyone. The speaker has obviously already grown much attached to penguins and how important they are to our environment. By helping to sustain the environment for penguins, we are taking a tiny step towards a green planet and protecting our natural resources and animals. She also hints at how global warming is hurting the world all around. The waste from one country or one individual can lead to pollution and danger to the environment anywhere.

One example on how our greed has damaged the environment is the current large oil spill that is affecting our national waters right now. The heat and media for the oil spill has created a major crisis. This is not even the 1st major oil spill. Others have included Exon’s oil spill in Alaska. The oil spill is going to change the south coast of the United States for a very long time. Our wasteful and inconsiderate actions toward the ocean and the environment will lead to server consequences. We continuously dig for oil, regardless of damaging our natural resources such as our animals and bodies of waters. In the ocean there are many species of corals, fish, whales, shellfish, and natural beauties that are going to be destroyed because of an oil leak that they can still not come up with a solution. The damage continues to spill and we have yet to come to a very successful solution. We are seriously ignorant as a society. We care more about celebrities’ social lives, that don’t affect us, than the condition that our oceans and natural resources are being ruined because our greed for oil and wealth. Is it worth it all? Is it worth the beauty of nature to gain lead in the richness of oil amounts. The amount of oil a country has determines much of its wealth. Many people suspect the Iraq war is secretly about oil. The speaker also mention how society is genuinely ignorant and how getting information out to the general public is very difficult. We chose to stay ignorant to the damages we are doing to our own world.

If we are more careful of our actions we can help save the world’s environment along with keeping many animals from dying because of our desire for simple resources as oil.


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