Christian Long

Eva Zeisel: The Playful Search for Beauty

In TED Talks on May 25, 2010 at 10:09 pm

Reflection by DANIELLA W.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Eva Zeisel:  The Playful Search for Beauty

The slogan of the TED talk I assume is From Was To Still. I love how at the begining of the talk she says just because she’s 94 doesn’t mean she’s doing things different or “Still” as the slogan refers to, she’s doing her work the same as she would 75 years ago. It’s kind of hard to understand what shew is saying at time so I would recommend reading the transcript. The title of her talk is “The Playful Search of Beauty” she begins to talk about thiis at the begining of her talk. She starts by saying that she doesn’t call herself an Industrial Designer, but a maker of things. She calls herself that because here aims are different, her goal is the make things “more beautiful, more elegant and more comfortable.” She also begins to explain how keeping the playful attitude when your searching for beauty and trying to design beautiful things is important. I totally agree with this idea. Having fun and being playful while following what your heart is telling you can really resul in some beautiful and amazing things. Trying to stress on whats new and whats in style might put a damp on your creativity and playful ideas.

Listening to all the places and journeys she’s been through because of her art is really inspiring. That just goes to show that your passion and love for some thing can go along way. It can also take you to many places and introduce you to many people. This video is a fresh reminder that no matter how long you have been doing something or how great you become at it you should also keep a playful state of mind, and who knows you might stuble upon beauty.


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