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Franco Sacchi: Tours Nigeria’s booming Nollywood

In TED Talks on May 25, 2010 at 9:44 pm

Reflection by ALEX S.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Franco Sacchi:  Tours Nigeria’s booming Nollywood

Many Americans complain of Nollywoods low quality movies and how it just doesn’t compare to Hollywood. Though in Africa these movies are equivalent in their purpose. To supply most of the country with entertainment and to supply more jobs to people. In Africa the second is more apparent in their production of movies than in the U.S., as many African people only earn $1 a day and rely on acting, producing, directing or even renting a theater to earn a living and survive.

Nollywood also can be used in a way never seen before in Africa. Nollywood productions are going to be seen by a large amount of people around Africa, so in these movies directors can express ideas to the entire country. Whether the ideas are political, spiritual, or just life lessons they can be relayed to thousands of people’s minds. Therefore being able to spread a wider range of knowledge to a wider range of people.

Also these productions by Nollywood will lead to a spread of African culture to the U.S. and many other parts of the world, and if not culture itself then at least more respect for the African people. Respect in that we see most of these people live in poor conditions and don’t get to live as luxurious lives as we pleasantly do in America. These poorer people make the most of what they have and live closely and lovingly together as a family. It isn’t like a poor person in the U.S. where they could get a low paying job as a start and work their way up to someday making a better living. In Africa there isn’t a lot of top of the line living to earn or achieve.

Overall as human beings I believe we can learn quite a bit from the Nollywood productions and the people that make them happen. Such as just making the best with whatever you are given or are able to use, and utilize it to its full potential, rather than throwing it to the side and wishing someone could make it become better.


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