Christian Long

Juan Enriquez: Wants to Grow Energy

In TED Talks on May 25, 2010 at 8:16 pm

Reflection by CALVIN G.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Juan Enriquez:  Wants to Grow Energy

Juan Enriquez challenges our definition of bioenergy. He believes that the way we farm oil will not last much longer. He argues that our principles of bioenergy need to be based off biology. The idea of ripping off mountain tops and being destructive to the earth is not a beneficial way to harvest energy. His idea is that oil and coal come from plants that have broken down for millions of years and he wants to find a way to harvest these broken down materials. He compares his ideas to modern agriculture and how fast we can now produce 100 bushels.

He accredits modern agriculture to a man named Norman Borlaug. According to Enriquez, this man revolutionized agriculture when he applied principals from biology. He claims that this man caused China and India to go from having huge famines to being a huge grain exporter. He says we need to face energy the way Norman Borlaug approached agriculture. He closes by making an arguement about oil prices. He claims that there should be a set oil price and that there should be a tax. This tax should go down if the price per barrell increases and the tax should go up if the price per barrell decreases. He says this needs to happen because the way oil prices are now. Oil is in huge demand so the price is really high but whenever a company tries to create a new form of energy then the oil price goes down again and everyone goes back to oil. This causes the companies that try to find better energy than oil to go out of buissness and thus not really allowing anyone to want or be able to find new and better sources of energy.


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