Christian Long

Luca Turin: The Science of Scent

In TED Talks on May 25, 2010 at 9:59 pm

Reflection by BRAYDEN F.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Luca Turin:  The Science of Scent

I thought this TED talk was very interesting because it was very different. Luca has a great nose, obviously, and was able to share his story very well with us. The room was being filled with different scents one at a time and gave TED a unique name that day.

I thought he made some very interesting points. There has been numerous times where my buddies and I would argue of what we were smelling at that moment. Luca tells us though that every molecule is the same, therefore every molecule has a distinct smell. If this was not the case then perfumery wouldn’t be an art. But what is really interesting is why things smell the way they do. Luca tells us that the shape of the molecule and the elemtents connecting to make the molecular compound give it’s on distinct smell. There are also other theories that people have come up with such as the molecule vibrates and our nose is able to pick up those vibrations with is very cool. With that being said I think that there are many theories out there and at some point we can narrow it down to one in the future.

Overall I was very intriuged with this video. I think the different scents that filled the room gave his talk alot of power. He showed us something that we think is simple, really has a complicated system. So if you have some time, I would reccomend this video.


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