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Neil Turok: TED Prize Wish – Change Africa’s Future

In TED Talks on May 25, 2010 at 9:32 pm

Reflection by TAYLOR C.

Original TED page w/ speaker bio, links, comments, etc:

Neil Turok:  TED Prize Wish – Change Africa’s Future

In this TED talk Mr. Turok spoke about the many great minds he had witnessed over his many years in Africa. He explained that many of these minds are wasted because if the lack of resources to chersh and allow these people to grow and mature into their full potental. He described a particular example of his witness the great mind of a young African boy. Mr. (insert name here) (a teacher at the time) took his class out side with rulers, then told his class to try to estimate the height of the building. All of the children, besides this one particular child decided to get a ruler, and try to measure up as far as they can reach then estimate the remaining height. But Mr. Turok explained this particular young boy did something even he didn’t think about. When asked why he was writing on the ground instead of measuring like the other children, the young boy said he was multipling. Curious of what he was multiplying Mr. Turok asked him his method for measuring the building. The young boy then perseeded to explain that he counted the number of bricks up the building, measured the size of each brick and now he was multiplying. Dumbfounded, Mr. Turok instantly recognized the intiligence of the people of his mother land.

Mr. Turok then began to explain that of all of the continants/countries in the world, Africa was expected to excel to the top. But instead it continues to degrade because of disease and a vast number of other issues. Many contries, such as the U.S. have tried to lend a helping hand for various reasons, but Mr. Turok believes that the only way Africa will thrive is from the inside out. Meaning, these highly inteligent people must be given or must gain themselves an oppertunity to excercise and expain their great minds. So he decided to put AIMS into play.

With the help of Cambridge and many other organizations Mr. Turko was able to establish the first AIMS in an old refurbished hotel in Capetown South Africa. AIMS focuses on the advanced study of Mathematics and Science, and is an educational opperetunity offered to only the elite and dedicated minds of many African men and women from all over the continant. All of the students and professors live together in the institute and learning takes place literally 24hours a day 7 days a week. All of the are built around interactive teaching, problem solving, working in groups, students discovering and doing their own research, and not having to worry about chasing a grade. All of the classes also emphasize on the reference to the developement of Africa. All of the graduates of AIMS have continued to a higher education and all have received Masters and many have moved on to PhDs. Mr. Turko’s goal for AIMS is to have a student from every African county, who can go back to their homes improve them, then work together and improve the continant as a whole. With the help of AIMS Africa is steadily reaching reaching the line of success, and it’s being done from the inside out.


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