Christian Long

Most Inspiring Video

Based on all the TED Talks you’ve watched and/or analyzed, what was the most inspiring or most interesting?

  1. Give the name of the speaker and title of the talk.
  2. Give the actual link to the TED video page of that talk.
  3. Explain in 5+ sentences why this video was so inspiring or interesting to you.
  4. Explain in 3+ more sentences why someone else should watch this talk.

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  1. Sylvia Earle’s TED Prize wish to protect our oceans

    To me, I found Sylvia Earle’s TED talk, over our oceans, the most inspiring out of all the TED talks I’ve watched thus far. Beforehand, I have known, in the back of my mind, that we’ve caused major damage to our oceans within the last 50 years. But after watching this video, my eyes started to open even more than ever. Not only did I learn how much more we’re harming our oceans, but I realized how much we’re impacted by them. Which is why I found this really sad, while compelling. And in the end, I was so inspired from Mrs. Earle’s talk, I too gave my own TED talk about how our oceans our dying.

    Also, if anyone was to ask me whether they should watch this or not, I would highly advise them to do so. I think that people really need to hear these kinds of facts, from a leading expert, so we can all act upon this crisis now. Or else, we’ll only be living on this planet for limited time.

  2. Willie Smits restores a rainforest

    I’ve always discouraged myself and others of pollution in minor forms such as littering. But recently, I’ve started to look more and more at the evils of pollution. The color green is getting more and more beautiful to me as time goes on, and I’m starting to realize how much environmental wrong goes around in this world. Willie Smits moves in a different direction than the destructive forces of pollution; in fact, he rebuilds nature. It is amazing how Smits’ determination culminated in the transformation of what was essentially a desert into a lush, green rainforest. Not only does Smits rebuild a rainforest, but he also helps the economy near it by giving the locals jobs. Smits’ growing of a rainforest really proves that nature does in fact have a fighting chance. Rather than focus on the pollution and merely complain and try to stop further pollution, Smits directly counteracted it by regrowing a forest.

    Smits started out with a simple cause to regrow a rainforest; to save orangutans. The rainforest became much bigger than that, and has turned the former poor district into a place where the locals and animals can live together in harmony. It is amazing how much of mankind is destructive, but this video really shows that the few that aren’t are great and intelligent people. The video really shows what humanity can accomplish if we are determined to reach it, and I would highly suggest watching it.

  3. Wade Davis: Endangered Cultures.

    This talk was extremely inspiring to me because of its ability to give so many different feelings all in one talk. You have to, or at least I, feel a deep admiration for the photography in the talk. Throughout the talk you feel an unfathomable sorrow for these people who are losing their culture without anyone even noticing their passing. I also was filled with a profound love for the people and their rich cultures; culture makes life so much more beautiful and colorful. I know what it’s like to have a different culture and see the world from a different perspective than most people, even if only on a small scale compared to these peoples, and I appreciate those differences. Cultures should be celebrated, not pushed to the side. This talk does a good job of explaining that.

    I believe that other people should watch this talk because on a basic level there is much to learn from it. Besides this, the talk is inspiring and beautifully put together, so even if cultures don’t interest you, you can’t help but enjoy it. Mostly, I think people should see this talk because it opens your eyes to things you may never have even been aware of or cared about before, and now you will. These cultures affect you, even on a small scale, they make up the culture of mankind, and we need to keep our diversity and support each other’s cultures.

  4. One of the most inspiring talks I watched was given by Derek Sivers: Weird or just different?

    In his talk, he made me realize how in ever country and culture, they do some things differently than we do in our own culture, and it would be completely normal to them. He also made me realize that we should not be judgmental when we learn about other cultures, because the way they do things could be just a true as the way you do it. Here in America, we name our streets, but we never stop to think that people in Japan number their blocks and not their streets. We never stop to realize that Chinese doctors get paid when their patient is healthy, rather than sick. All of the things they do on the opposite side of the world makes sense and is true. Sivers inspired me by this talk by making me realize, next time I run into someone with a different culture to not judge them and maybe take the way they do things into consideration.

    I would recommend this talk because it really will leave you wondering about all the other cultures and how they perceive and do things. I really liked this talk because he gave examples at the beginning and made us think and at the end, he proposed his idea. I also liked it because it only took him three minutes to prove a very large point. Some of the twenty minutes talk I watched soon came to bore me. I also really enjoyed Siver’s energy and passion for his topic. I think if someone where to give a talk, they should choose something they are passionate about and it will come easily.

  5. The most inspiring TED talk I watched was given by Randy Pausch called Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams:

    I learned so much from this video. I learned that the obstacles in your life are not there to stop you from achieving your dreams. They are there to see how passionate you are about them. Randy Psauch encountered many obstacles in his life, but he never let them get in the way of achieving his dreams.At the time of his lecture Psauch was dying of pancreatic cancer. I found it admirable that he could get up in front of an audience and give such an empowering speech about achieving your dreams. I also learned from this video that as children nothing seems impossible to us so we are not limited on what we dream about. As we grow older we make excuses for not being able to achieve them. This video inspired me go after the things I want instead of waiting for them to come to me.

    I would encourage everyone to watch this video. There is so much you can learn by listening to his story. No only is the message inspiring, but it is well presented. Unlike how you would picture a dying man Psauch was funny and cheerful. Everyone has dreams but sometimes we feel like we will never get there. Pausch encouraged his audience to “really achieve their dreams.”

  6. Aimee Mullins – The Opportunity of Adversity

    Aimee’s talk on the opportunity that life’s curveballs present was really inspiring to me. Her perseverance to pursue her passion of athletics after having part of both legs amputated at very young age really hit home with me. As an athlete, I cannot imagine how hard it would be to struggle to learn how to play sports without my natural legs. Aimee’s courage to not let what society has labeled her affect how she lives her life is also very inspiring to me. When someone labels you as an outcast, whether it would be for a disability, social or political views, or religious beliefs, it is very hard to break out of that label. Aimee’s struggle to prove to the world that she is not disabled and that she can do the things that people who are not “disabled” can do.

    I would highly recommend this talk to anyone who is looking for an inspirational story or believes that they are unable to accomplish anything in their life due to their circumstances. Aimee’s story is proof that nothing should stand between you and your dreams. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to and with the same amount of hard work and determination that Aimee, you can eventually achieve your dreams.

  7. Susan Blackmore on Memes and Temes

    I loved this video for a few reasons. I think that Susan presented her idea very well, and was able to explain all of her points very efficiently, so everyone could understand. Her beginning intro about how if you had variance, a means of selection, ad a means of reproduction, evolution must happen. That was very fascinating to me. Also, her main points on the idea of the gene/meme/teme structure was completely new to me, and restructured the way I thought.

    I reccomend this video because it will make you see the world a bit differently. You’ll question why exactly you do the things you do. If you’ve ever wondered about human society, and how exactly we came up with trends, then this video is for you. Also it’s simply a great video to watch.

  8. Ken Robinson: Schools Kill Creativity

    In my pastime, I love to act, sing and dance. The arts are my passion and when I saw this talk, the title grabbed my attention. Sir Ken Robinson was trying to convey that schools were lessening the opportunity to be creative in school. He also was explaining that many adults are too afraid to be creative because of the fear of being “wrong”. I admit, I have this fear and gradually I have been trying to face my fear and create the things I believe matter to me and not care what anyone else thinks. This is a hard mindset to break though because of what schools are training students to believe and act. This talk went hand in hand with Adora’s talk about children. The message that children are our future is so powerful that sometimes it is overlooked or not mentioned. This is why this video was so inspiring to me.

    I believe that this talk is relevant to all ages. While students might jump to conclusions and start agreeing that schools kill creativity without even listening to the talk, adults should also listen to what Sir Ken Robinson is explaining. As technology evolves overtime, education should too. The teaching styles of the 1960s should not be the style that students of the 2010s should be learning by. I believe everyone can get something from the talk whether that be adults are loosing the means of being creative or education should be adaptive.

  9. The most inspiring video was undoubtedly James Nachtwey’s Searing Photos of War.

    It wasn’t Nachtwey’s words that made this an incredible video, but rather his outstanding photos. TED didn’t even need to have Nachtwey speak at the conference, because I believe that the pictures are powerful enough to inspire a human being. The pictures show all types of suffering and tragedy from all across the globe, and really calls to attention the troubles many people have. I personally can’t think of a solution to any of these problems; some of them are too complicated to even comprehend. Aside from that, I cannot connect with the people on the other side of the lens. I grew up, thankfully, in a country and home where everything is provided. That makes it difficult for me to actually understand that others can experience such pain and horror. The pictures from this video are, literally, eye-opening.

    It was a good decision for TED to give Nachtwey the “TED Wish Prize.” This video truly spread ideas and events that I had never even heard of. I would highly recommend this video because of its ability to share the news in an “unedited way.” Actually, it’s not sharing the news, but more of “telling a story.” Every single photo is breathtaking, and every second of this video is memorable. The photos are “graphic” but they’re real. They show truths and horrors that cannot be erased. They inspire change. Still to date, my number one TED video.

  10. I think the most inspirational TED talk I watched was the one by Chimamanda Adichie about the dangers of a single story. This TED talk I think has a message that everyone can gain something by watching it. The video changes the way you think about other people that aren’t like you. It’s really hard not to believe in a single story about people from different places because the media only focuses on a little part from the big picture. One thing i found really interesting was when Chimamanda’s teacher told her that her paper lacked “African authenticity”. Chimamanda didn’t even know what that was! This shows that even adults can believe in a single story.This video really changed the way I think about other people. I think if more people would watch this video, maybe the media would focus on the good things about other countries rather than mostly the poor cities around the world.

  11. Sam Martin: The quirky world of “manspaces”

    This talk may not be considered inspiring to most people, but I feel like it is. The whole point of the video is to inspire people to get a space of their own. He feels like having that get-away that completely belongs to just you is important. This talk has definantly inspired me and makes me want to build my own “manspace.” This of course is not as easy as it sounds. A few factors come into play like money, space, and time which I have very little of. So instead of building a separate space I have to work with what’s available. This has worked out so far and it’s nice to have a get-away.

    I feel like people should watch this video because it gives good reasoning for his goal. He is able to explain his topic a little better than I can. Basically go watch the video and you’ll understand why I feel like this talk is “inspiring.”

  12. Mathieu Lehanneur’s Science Inspired Design

    This talk may not seem to be inspiring, but I think there is something to be said for the technology discussed in this talk. Mathieu Lehanneur talks about ways technology can help us. He created a robot that can block out harmful sounds by emmiting white noise, and another that can tell how much sunlight you absorb in a day. What is really inspring, though, is the way he comes up with the ideas for these objects. He uses ideas from other things, other people to come up with these robots, and other devices.

    If more people would watch this talk, I think that if more people watch this video, maybe we can come up with more ideas for designs. Maybe we can come up with better ways to help ourselves without hurting the environment. And, maybe we can come up with a better, easier way to take medicines and recieve treatments from our doctors.

  13. Raul Midon:

    My most inspiring talk I wrote about had to do with music, I never knew at a conference talk your “talk” could be playing music. Watching and listening to this video inspired me to go out and look at new music. The music really influenced my writing. Writing words about music was so great, I thought it was a very cool thing I was able to do. When I first found out my video was a guy playing the tembererana I had no idea what that was and I didn’t think I could actually write about it. I figured out what a tembererana was and it was a great instrument that I heard of.

    I would definitely tell people to watch this video and learn about a new kind of music and instrument. The music sounds wonderful in the video and I’m sure many people would enjoy listening to it.

  14. Emmanuel Jal shares his story through the music of a war child:

    I found this video to be the most inspiring video amongst the hundreds of TED videos. Jal was a war child in the Sudan. He grew up with a gun where as other children grow up with a backpack. I found this video to be inspiring due to his passion throughout his talk. Because it is a personal experience and life story, he is extremely emotional and you can tell it is very important for him to get his point out there. He carries himself well on the stage and comes off as a fun yet passionate person. He intertwines music with story telling and makes his talk his own style. I also loved this video because I have a passion for Africa. I enjoy hearing about activist programs and I hope to one day partake in an activist program to help end the wars that children are forced to fight in.

    I highly recommend this video to anyone who wants to be truly inspired. This video makes you want to go to Africa and help out all the children as well as adults going through such tough times. Emmanuel is a kind person and in his talk shows him to be a good honest person who is very concerned about his country.

  15. Vusi Mahlasela

    There were two talks that I found inspiring, but I’d have to say that Vusi Mahlasela singing Thula Mama was the one that got to me the most. The funny thing is, he song itself wasn’t the best written song in the world, and the singing wasn’t going to be in the top-ten any time soon. But it was the voice behind the song that inspired me.

    After hearing Mahlasela’s story about his grandmother, I was already hooked. He tells a very simple, yet powerful story that in and of itself made me feel…different, is the only word that can describe it. But then he started his caring, and soulful song of love and life and respect, and I literally started dancing along with it. He owns that stage with his song; his voice is strong, and what makes it truly special is that he’s singing straight from his heart, preaching his feelings.

    Watching this talk isn’t going to be about getting upset about some disaster, or angry about some injustice being done. It is very simply a man on a stage, telling his story. The mere fact that he isn’t trying to teach people something, or cram facts down their throats, or that he didn’t stomp around the stage in a fit of passion over how hard his life was is what makes his talk special; he’s just telling how he’s feeling.

  16. James Kuntsler: Negative aspects of Suburbia

    My most influential talk that I reviewed was a video by James Kuntsler. In his video he talked about how suburban architecture was becoming boring and mundane. This video really stuck out to me because it was the same idea that I too believe in. I am not only focusing on suburbia, though, but on almost all the buildings that we see today. Now this is a pretty radical, unrealistic view about architecture, but I think that if we slowly begin to change architecture, than both of our ideas will come to fruition. Kuntsler wanted to change how architecture currently is, and this is an idea that I believe is necessary as well. Our ideologies were similar and that is why his talk was very influential to me. At first, I thought that Kunstler’s talk was too dogmatic and he was too upset about his topic. Yet, as I watched more and more, then I began to see how much that the topic mattered to him and how much my opinion changed. His ideas began to influence mine and that is when I reached my own opinion about architecture today. His ideas influenced my own TED talk that I presented and found that because I did not talk as passionately as he did, I lost some of my audience members.

    One of the reasons that Kunstler’s video stood out so much to me was not only because of what he talked about, but how he spoke. The topic of which he spoke was very close to him and he was very opinionated about his talk and topic. I believe this is a very essential trait for a speaker because if you do not believe in what you are saying, then no one else will. He drew the people into what he was saying, and he may have been talking about architecture, but suburbia is a topic that many people can identify with. The audience members knew what he was talking about and they could see how suburban architecture was, in fact, in a ‘damaged’ state. Kunstler’s passion had, in a way, forced people to agree with his ideas and because people could identify with the problem, he had more followers to his idea.

    I believe that this video does not relate to well to my peers because we tend to just ‘agree’ with what we see, we don’t actually see the architecture and how it could be better. Yet, there is still value in the talk for people that are around my age. The talk is engaging and really makes you think of just how banal our suburban areas really are nowadays. This video was influential to me, so of course I will recommend it to any person that is aspiring to be an architect. Yet, the video holds value to anyone who lives in or near a suburban area.

  17. Shukla Bose- Teaching One Child At a Time

    What I found was really inspiring about this video was her sincere feelings toward helping the children get an education. This video had inspired me to want to go out and help the children live a better life by getting an education. This video was also interesting to see who was actually trying to help the children and to see how much the parents of the children want them to have a better life then them. Shukla also connected with the audience which was very rare in the videos I watched and made her cause more inspiring to the audience and myself. I believe anyone who would like to help the children of the world should watch this video. Also anyone who says they want to help, but will not get up and actually try should watch this video to motivate them. Anyone who would watch this for just a minute would be inspired for her care of these children and her love for her job in helping them. Shukla is an exceptional women to watch and watching her videos will inspire anyone in fulfilling their dreams.

  18. Chimamanda Adichie-The danger of a single story

    This was by far the most powerful TED talk in my opinion. It speaks to not only our world today, but how the world has always been. We judge people based on our prior misconceptions fed to us by a powerful source and this video did a great job with explaining how this trend occurs and keeps occurring in our society today. The speaker, Chimamanda Adichie, really blew me away. The way she spoke was so eloquent and her story telling really made me connect with her own story. It was a personal story, but also a universal story that everyone could relate to some time or the other. It truly inspired me.

    When other people watch this video I know they will finally understand “the danger of a single story”. Most people don’t really take into account how much we marginalize other cultures, and by watching this they’ll realize how bad it really is. Although I say that, this video does not scold those who do judge. It inspires change in how we act today, and shows the benefits of knowing the full story, rather than just the single story.

  19. I think the most inspiring Talk that I watched was John Francis’s Talk on his silence and independence for 17 years.

    This talk struck me deeply because it really inspired me to be more self-conscious. Watching a guy narrate his life story can often be boring, as I’ve found out from a few of my grandparents. However, John easily transmits his story in a way that is inspiring and very easy to read. In doing so, he inspired me to be more concious of my outward attitude – in short, he made me try listen more and talk less. And I’ve found that being quite does help you learn. I’d recommend this Talk to anyone who wants to hear an inspiring story. It’s a longer Talk, but the time is not wasted – it’s full of useful material. On top of this, Francis is genuinely funny, nailing down those little, quirky psychological oddities that are quite humourous when placed under the microscope. Finally, the Talk is truly helpful if you want to really change the way you think about conversation, and think about the way human interaction could go.

  20. Ann Cooper Talks School Lunches

    Although I did several blogs on really inspiring videos, I found this one that stood out the most to me. This talk is one that every person should see. What is our world turning into? Schools have been feeding kids dangerous foods for years now, and it keeps getting worse. We need to stop giving children foods that will increase their chance in having heart problems and getting diabetes. If we help stop this now, it can protect them from these health issues and help them live longer healthier lives. I don’t think most of the world fully understands how much these problems these will cause generations in the future starting now. Restaurants are maximizing the sizes of foods and making them from processed foods. We need to become more aware of this situation and I think Ann Cooper does a great job of giving this talk in a very understandable way. If you haven’t watched this talk yet I think you should head over to the TED website and check it out. Once you watch it, maybe it will give you an understanding on how our food products are tricking us. The more people that watch this video, the more people will find out about these bad things happening to our food. Although people do realize how unhealthy foods are becoming, not very many people are taking it into consideration…

  21. For me, the most inspiring TED talk I have seen was Deborah Scranton on her “War Tapes”:

    It really shows what the soldiers have to go through on a daily basis. She does a great job of talking about the emotional trauma caused by the violence and death. I hate to see people and groups who criticize soldiers just because they don’t agree with the war. It disgusts me that a church of all groups would boycott soldier’s funerals. This TED talk does a great job of convincing people otherwise.

  22. Although it was a tough decision, in my opinion The Profound Journey of Compassion by Swami Dayananda Saraswati was my personal favourite throughout this TED talk assignment.

    Given the choice to pick videos in a first come, first serve manner, I decided to be assigned videos rather than compete for videos with my fellow classmates. In doing so, I thought it would be interesting to see what I personally could discover through each video and to be completely honest, I think I learned from every video that I watched.

    Mr. Saraswati’s talk first appealed to me because of his speaking style. Being a slower talker helped me better connect and focus more on his talk. I wanted to pay attention to everything he was saying so I wouldn’t miss something. To me, it felt as if he was connecting with me on another level, rather than trying to force me to stay awake during the 20 minutes of his talk. Also, I tend to favour talks more about the individual and less on a specific topic. It is just a different experience when the person who is speaking makes you think more in depth about yourself.

    So why should you watch this video? Well, everyone doesn’t think like I do so regardless, nobody will like the exact same videos I do. But I can tell you Mr. Saraswati is an inspiring speaker and give him the chance to make you think or entertain you. He is an entertaining speaker who is great to listen to and has so much to say regarding compassion and happiness. I highly recommend this to anyone of any age to lighten up their life a bit because Mr. Saraswati has an opitimistic outlook on life that is apparent through his talk and that he wants to spread with others.

  23. Rick Smolan Tells the Story of a Girl

    The first time that I saw this video I was in complete shock, and my mind was full of many questions. Like, how is this possible? How were they able to pull this off? I think that deternination for a better life is the underlying emotion throughout this whole story. From Smolan doing a simple story, to eventually changing a girl’s life is so inspiring. The determination for Natasha to have a new, better life I think can inspire anyone to do whatever they set their mind to. This video not only shows people about many G.I.’s did overseas, but shows that anything can happen. Natasha set her mind to not become an outcast just because she looks so different from everyone else in South Korea. Not only did her determination allow her to blossom as a person in her tiny village, but it eventually allows her to stand out, and be adopted. I think what makes this even more inspiring, is seeing Natasha at the end of Smolan’s speech, and seeing how Americanized she is, but how she is still cognisant of her South Korean heritage.

  24. Bill Stone: Explores the World’s Deepest Caves

    This talk was my favorite, maybe not for the most obvious reasons. It wasn’t inspiring in a tear-jerking, or awe-inspiring-charisma kind of way, although Bill Stone is a fantastic speaker. For me, as I hope it will be for you if you choose to watch it, it was the sheer magnitude of exploration being talked about in this video. It’s amazing what you can do with one determined genius and an enormous amount of funding from NASA. But more amazing than that is where we’re headed as a race. I began to consider so many possibilities that are on their way to becoming realities thanks to the ideas presented in this video.

    So why watch it? This video starts out amazing, and ends out of this world, literally. It is a genuinely interesting talk in terms of science and it’s limitless possibilities. As well, it is absolutely astonishing in terms of human ingenuity, and what can be accomplished with determination.

  25. Willard Wigan: Hold Your Breath for Micro-Sculpture

    What makes Wigan’s talk so extrordinary is how he draws attention towards looking beyond what the eye can see. His microscopic creations remind us that possiblity is present in any idea, you just have to come up with it first. By pushing the limit Wigan has found something of value for himself. I love the way he expresses his view of the world, which may be microscopic, but in reality is a world within a world. Wigan’s manner of speaking nicely supports the thoughtfulnes behind his works as well.

    I recommend this talk due to the inspiration I can feel through his works. Whether or not someone is an artist they can feel his sincerity as well as honesty. Just being able to see his sculptures alone, is worth a look at his talk.

  26. Sxip Shirey: At the Breathing Place

    Despite the fact that this video is all performance, I still find it very inspirational. As a musician, it’s completely remarkable what Sxip Shirey does. My goal as a performer is to be able to engage my audience in whatever story I’m telling, which is challenging, because you don’t know what they can and can’t relate to. You don’t know them personally. So, you have to connect with them on a more open level. Sxip Shirey uses breathing, a rhythm we can all tap into. His use of instruments is completely unconventional, but that doesn’t make it any less astounding. His music pulls you into a world that he’s created through sound. He doesn’t even need words to describe it, because you can feel it. You know how you’re supposed to feel because of the way he’s breathing, it makes your heart race. Sxip Shirey’s music is able to pull you in if you actually listen, rather than judge it based on sound.

    I would recommend this video to anyone- whether or not they appreciate music like I do. Most of them wouldn’t get it without any kind of explaination, but I’d be happy to oblige. His compositions are exactly how I’d define music. Today’s mainstream doesn’t play anything like this, but maybe if we were exposed to it, music wouldn’t be so commercial anymore.

  27. Out of all the TED videos that I have watched, the video that most inspired me was Chimamanda Adichie’s Danger of a Single Story:

    Like most people I had always thought of Africa as a very poor continent, but what I didn’t realize was how wrong I really was. This video inspired me because I learned that you can’t judge something or someone based on one story. I have been guilty of judging people and places but I have realized that no matter how many things you hear or what you see you can’t let others influence the way you think, but you need to make up your own opinion about it. This video has made me realize how people are so quick to judge you when they know nothing about you. I’ve also learned that our view of the world is made from what we are exposed to, and I think that if everyone has a more open mind then there would be less conflict and judging in the world.

    I would highly recommend that everyone watches this video, because it’s funny yet serious and will inspire everyone. I think that people can also relate to this video because at some point everyone has been judged or has judged somebody. Lastly I believe that people should watch this because whether or not you like the topic everyone can learn something from it.

  28. David Hanson: Robots that “shows emotion”:

    David Hanson’s TED talk about robots caught my eye. The topic was very interesting to me and I learned a lot. I like building robots at tech camp over the summer, so when I saw this video it took my attention. This video inspired me to look into the science of robots and other technology. This video showed a different technique and how robots can be advanced. I think people should watch this video because of information it gives. I think it would be a great educational video for a science class. David Hanson shows a great amount of information and robots and their advances.

  29. Sylvia Earle’s TED prize wish: protect our oceans

    I liked this video because it really changed the way I thought. I started off thinking the video was going to be another talk about saving the trees or the world will blow up. I was completely biased against what it had to say. But as I watched I began to understand the complaint and realized the solution was not that demanding. When the video was done I was completely for the cause. This video altered my view on the ocean and completely convinced me the cause was worth my time and effort.

  30. Sivers, Derek: How to start a movement

    Easily the most influential TED talk I have ever seen or analyzed. Derek possesses a disarming quality about him that exudes a sense of camaraderie. I loved hearing him talk and loved the way he presented. His astoundingly simply idea regarding the nurturing the first follower is so instrumental and yet, so often overlooked. This talk changed how I associate with people and how I “manipulate” them.

    To everyone else in the world, watching this talk will not only affect your leadership position but also affect your following position. There is a saying that the best leaders know how to follow. And this talk inspired me to not always drive in the front but sometimes take the back seat. I ask you to watch this video not out of some superficial hope that we will all become leaders and make the world a better place, but so that all of you who are aware of your leadership position are able to subtly foster people who are beginning to discover their position.

  31. Devdutt Pattanaik: East vs. West — the Myths that Mystify

    This talk was definitely the most inspiring. I found the speaker to be very engaging and personable. Besides his success in communicating his point the topic of mythology and history has always been a point of interest for me.

    I loved how he managed to relate a thing like mythology to every aspect of life from society and religion to business. He delved into how our ‘mythology’, be it the bible, or something else entirely, form our world. They form the basis for our values morals and eventually the way we live out our lives.

    And these he said, form the root of cultural clashes. His words were engaging and managed to pull me right into the talk. His topic related to every person in the room and left them curious to learn more. He was just the right amount of witty without watering down the power of his topic. Pattanaik leaves you thinking, but neither is his talk so deep you can’t connect to it.

    I think this talk reaches out to the stubborn narrow minded person in each of us and acts as a health kick in the rear. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how someone else can be so backward and superstitious while you, a being of pure reason and sense, are so calmly explaining your point of view. Don’t laugh, you’ve done it before. You need to take a few minutes out of your day and refresh your view. Remember your world is not my world but they are both equally important and justified.

  32. Jane Chen: A warm embrace that saves lives

    I chose this as my most interesting talk because of the subject matter. Ms. Chen’s passion for helping pre-mature infants survive in extreme conditions was contagious. It was amazing to find out the cause for the high rate of morality and how such a seemingly small problem was so devastating. The lack of warmth to allow for the infants’ body organs to mature does not seem such an insurmountable problem until you pair it with the living conditions involved. Most of these people have no electricity, the one necessity to ensure proper temperature control. Ms. Chen was able to identify the problem, unlearn today’s technology and come up with a solution that worked in those conditions. A warm embrace made up of a combination of new age materials with an old age application is now going to save so many lives.

    I suggest that if you have not seen this video you take the time to do so. It shows what humans are able to accomplish if we unite in a common cause. Ms. Chen shows us how to use available resources to produce products that make this world a better place. In watching her enthusiasm and perseverance it made me realize that all things are possible. Our technology today allows us to pursue our imaginations without imposing limits and, in doing so, arrive at solutions to the problems our world is facing.

  33. Benjamin Zander on Music and Passion

    Benjamin Zander’s talk truly inspired me. He begged to ask the question, Why is classical music dying? His whole talk was about convincing people to listen to classical music. There is passion in every song which he shows when he plays his chopin piece. He could bring the world back to classical music with this single talk. It is so inspiring. I play the violin and generally play classical music, but I never really cared I just played the song. After his talk I have begun to feel the music more and been able to play with more emotion. I even practice the art of one-buttock playing.

    Why should you watch this talk? Why shouldn’t you watch this talk. If you have the time and have the open mind then you should watch this talk. If you are on the edge about whether you like classical music or not then you should watch this talk. It is overall fun and funny.

  34. Life in the Deep Oceans by David Gallo was the most successful talk that I have seen on TED. It provided the crucial details and information necessary for any talk while also showing his overflowing enthusiasm for the conservation of the deep oceans. All of the creatures that live in the deep ocean do not rely on the sun but rather the heat provided by hydrothermal vents. They use a process called chemosynthesis, which means they can survive without the sun. Gallo seemed to be deeply passionate about the subject, and that alone had a powerful effect on me as an individual. It inspired me so greatly that ocean conservation became the subject of my speech. The ocean is the majority of the Earth and David portrays the idea that we too often forget about the depths of the ocean. We dismiss it as a mystery; something too complex for us to understand. That is not the case. David gives us the facts we need to feel confident about his knowledge and confident about the subject at hand. His passion is key to the talk, though. Looking at ocean creatures and jelly fish for 15 minutes is not very inspiring, but a person who is passionate about the biodiversity and the geography of the ocean is significantly powerful. The passion that David put into his talk really gave me the opportunity to think outside the box, see confidence in myself and ultimately give a good speech. That is all that matters. Inspiring others is the ultimate goal of a speech and David was able to achieve that with ease.

    You should definitely watch this talk. It not only inspires you to participate in ocean conservation, it also gives an essential background to the ecology and life in the ocean. The creatures are numerous and the possibilities are endless. The ocean is so diverse that there is always going to be something about the ocean that interests you. The only thing you have to do is find out how you can help and act in order to conserve the ocean.

  35. J.J. Abram’s mystery box

    The reason this video was so interesting to me was to see how someone as successful as J.J. started his career. It was interesting to know how he had this desire to shoot videos as a kid. I had always wondered if people like him had a passion to whatever their profession is from a young age. It was inspiring to me because he perused what he had a passion for, and now makes his living off something that he loves doing. This is inspiring because it is something that I wish I could do with whatever profession I choose. It was also interesting to hear his views on the video technology that is availed to everyone now days. After hearing him give his talk, I feel more connected to his style of creating these mysteries stories.

    I think that other people should view this talk mainly because J.J. is someone that you can really lean from and be inspired by. Also I felt interested during the entire video and I felt like there was no down time and he had the perfect amount of comic relief. I suggest this video anyone that is interested in any of his shows or even someone who isn’t but wants to know about how he comes up with these intriguing story lines.

  36. Without a doubt,

    I believe the success of a single TED talk comes from the connection and inspiration we feel once they begin speaking and once they stop. Throughout the entire talk, I was utterly captivated by Clifford Stoll. His very personality instantly came off as gregarious, peaceful and wise, a person I would much like to be affiliated with. There is an aura around him which brings us down to earth with everybody’s feet touching the same ground at the same level, feeling the same connection just by watching this man bounce around on stage and show us the outline of his speech written on his hands. We automatically feel comfortable with the surrounding people and an instantaneous connection between everyone who has ever watched this video and everyone in the audience and everyone who has ever been in the presence of this man. Clifford Stoll tells about the future, and how he doesn’t know it, about astronomy and physics and about violence, and how this changes people, all while quivering and running on stage. These simple actions sort of break the rules of proper stage etiquette and show that you can run on dirt and you can run on a stage, you are still the same person. When Clifford Stoll stepped on stage, you knew he was the same person twenty years ago and five minutes ago. He felt so real. The best part was, we could all find a little bit of Clifford Stoll in ourselves too, which made the impact of his words far greater.

    The moment we believe in Clifford Stoll is the same moment we are inspired by him. He dips into several different topics throughout his talk which he would be pleased to talk about, but never focuses distinctly on one. At the end, however, he quotes something from his life that is very profound, very general, and yet very applicable. From my interpretation, this technique very accurately represented the life of a human. We can go about doing all these things we love and care about, sticking with one hobby for a time while pursuing careers in other areas, but at the end of the day there is an underlying, very personal theme that we abide by.

    His final quote was very inspirational to me: “All truth is one. In this light, may science and religion endeavor here for the steady evolution of mankind, from darkness to light, from narrowness to broadmindedness, from prejudice to tolerance. It is the voice of life, which calls us to come and learn.” – inscription on the Hayes Hall tower bells.

    For the reasons above, I encourage anybody to go watch it. I’m sure there are plenty of reasons that other people can come up with why it’s one of the best TED videos, like for instance, Clifford Stoll is just a really funny guy. His crazy nature also just makes watching his video an interesting experience.

  37. JK Rowling: Fringe benefits of failure:

    When I first picked this video, I picked it because I am such a big fan of Harry Potter but it turned out that it was nothing to do with Harry Potter. Instead it gave me insight to something way deeper, where Rowling’s inspiration came from. Her talks gave me a new definition of rock bottom. I believe this is what makes her such an amazing writer. Because she is motivated from having nothing to basically having enough money to get whatever she wants. This strikes me as inspiring because hearing her story of having nothing to where she is now makes me want to strive for everything that is important to me. Although I will probably not go through the same troubles JK Rowling was going through throughout her impoverished childhood and rough college years I will face my own problems and have to come up with my own solutions. And when I will be forced to face my own problems I will think about how fortunate I already am compared to some of the others around me. Her talk of failure is my source to success.

    I recommend this talk to everyone is in need of a reason of motivation. This talk forces you to really realize how fortunate we really are even though we might not have everything we want. Rowling includes special examples that allow the audience to really connect with the audience which really makes me like this video. Let this talk helps us move on when all else seems still.

  38. Tony Robbins asks why we do what we do

    Tony Robbins’ talk on why we do what we do was very inspiring to me for many reasons. First of all, I, personally, am very interested in psychology, so the talk immediately grabbed my attention. Robbins is truly a great speaker, and is clearly very passionate about what he talks about. He covers so much in such a small amount of time that the first time you watch his talk it is likely that you won’t catch everything, but that just made me want to go back and watch it again to grasp the entire message. Robbins tells many inspirational stories throughout his talk about himself as well as others whom he has helped and worked with, and all of these stories are very inspirational and motivating. For instance, he tells of his youth and how a stranger who gave his poor family some food inspired him to work to give other families food for Thanksgiving every year that followed. Another story involves a conference that he was at when news of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks broke, and how people there handled the news of their losses. One woman at the conference had lost a lover in the past, and lost her current boyfriend in the attacks. The woman played a voicemail that her boyfriend had left her shortly before the plane crashed into his building. Instead of fearing death, he was motivating her to strive for a better life. These stories and many others made this talk the most inspiring and engaging one that I had the privilege to watch.

    I would highly recommend Tony Robbins’ video to anyone curious enough to watch it. There is something in the talk for everyone, from psychology for those interested in that field, to humor, to stories that will inspire and move the most stoic person. As I read the comments, I found that people’s perceptions of Robbins and his talk were very polarized, but that simply proves that he will evoke some strong reaction in almost everyone to his ideas, which means that agree or disagree, people care. Whether you like or dislike Robbins and what he has to say, I can almost guarantee that the talk will impact you in some way. For me, he inspired me to want to help people, and I hope that many others have a similar reaction.

  39. Jonathon Haidt-The moral roots of liberals and conservatives

    The reason why I enjoyed this video the most was it made me contemplate how and why a group of people’s creativity can be restricted by the type of leadership that is in place. Since I daily operate a group presently I use what I learned from Jonathon Haidt and try to incorporate it into what I have to do everyday.

    In the talk Haidt described how the more control the government has over its people the less they’re able to be creative and think outside the box. However if the government has very little control, society can’t morally function.

    The bottom line is Haidt identified that we need to find a way for both republicans and democrats to coexist with each other. Finding the answer to that question will only make the ideal society for everyone.

    Anyone who has to manage/lead people should watch this video. It will help them understand that they need to value everybody’s creativity but also find a way to stabilize order at the same time. Also if you take interest in understanding why someone has political views that oppose yours, you will be able to learn a lot about how your way of processing political opinions is different from everyone else.

  40. Choosing a video that inspired me the most was extremely difficult. It is like choosing a favourite candy- how can you choose one when they are all so good? But ultimately I decided on Graham Hill’s “Why I am a weekday vegetarian”. I realize that all of my classmates are choosing videos that have some amazing conceptual theory or an idea on how to change the world, but I think that what inspires me should be what has effected my life the most. I recently became a “weekday vegetarian” and this talk inspired me to do so.

    Weekday veg is an interesting concept that caught my eye. You eat meat on the weekends, but during the week you are a vegetarian. I, like Graham, have always felt drawn to being a vegetarian for many reasons, yet I could never bring myself to give up meat altogether. Being from Texas I could never resist a good steak. So when I heard about a way to get the best of both worlds I was inspired to try it. This talk inspired me because it showed me how to get what I wanted and how to do what I desired. It is a small thing to do, so I think it doesn’t strike many people as inspirational, but it inspired me to take action and that’s all you can ask from inspiration.

    I think everyone should watch this video because if we all became weekday vegetarians we could really make a difference in our environment and in the way animals are treated. I think this idea is a perfect example of how to get what you want without having to sacrifice too much. Together we can make a change and that is why others should watch this video.

  41. The most inspiring talk I saw in my 6 week long journey through the TED world is one that actually is not a talk at all. When browsing through the site I came across a video titled “Jennifer Lin improvs piano magic”:

    What really caught my eye was that she was 14 when she performed at TED. I thought to myself how could someone this young be this prestigious at piano to where they get to play at TED?

    But when I watched the video I was blown away. If you just watch the beginning of the video and nothing else, you should no that the first piece she plays is nothing like the improvisation piece. I caught my self with my mouth wide open saying “Oh my gosh” to almost every flick of the wrist and tap of a finger.

    The reason I was so moved by this video was because I played piano for 7 years and was actually pretty good. One day I just got tired of practicing and wanted to quit so I did. I completely regret now after watching this video. I have kind of had second thoughts on it here and there but after seeing this I want to start back up again. Sometimes after hearing a song, I go immediately go find the sheet music for it. But I see that I could be one of the people playing those songs after watching this. Jennifer Lin played an entire song with just a few random notes chosen by an audience member. She stared at the piano for ten seconds and just let everything she had flow out of her fingers.

    This video can show you how work ethic and passion for something can get you very far in life. This is only the beginning of Jennifer’s journey because she is so young. It shows that if we love something as much as she loves piano, we can do great things.

  42. Ray Zahab’s trek to the South Pole

    The talk that inspired me the most was Ray Zahab’s talk on his record-breaking trek to the South Pole. What he really talked about was achieving your dreams. His message was that you can make the impossible possible, if you set your mind to it. The reason he did this trek to the South Pole was to give an example of accomplishing your goals. What he talked about really taught me how to succeed in something I desire to do. The only way to succeed is to try your hardest. Zahab said he learned this at 40, and like him, I wish that more kids teenagers learned this.

    Someone should watch this video in order to learn what it takes to be successful. This is a very important lesson in life. If people don’t really strive and push themselves toward their goals, they won’t achieve them

  43. Definitely “Ann Cooper talks School Lunches.”

    When I first saw this video I immediately thought, “Oh my gosh, I have to have this one to analyze.” I am so glad I was assigned it. This video truely inspired me in more ways than I expected. This video made me so angry that it put this fire in my stomach to do something about the problem with school lunches. I ended up doing my own talk on the truth of school lunches, and most of my inpiration and information came from this video.

    The way that Ann Cooper addressed the issue of school lunches made this video so much more interesting. The passion that she came at this talk with was incredible, and it really made me want to keep watching.

    The main point of school lunches is that it affects everyone, especially this generation of kids. Kids should have the opportunity to live a long and healthy life, not one cut short because of what they are being fed on a daily basis. What can make this issue so appealing is that anyone can do anything to help. Every person in America can help by just being aware. Then, they can take it to the next level and be proactive with it.

  44. Carmen Agra Deedy
    spins stories

    This video really inspired me to tell stories. From watching it I learned when you speak to people be very outgoing and really tell what is on your mind. Carmen showed me how to make the story complete and different ways to work with it. Also it inspired me to remember things from the past and make the story funny and known. You should watch this video because you can learn how to tell stories and be outgoing with them.

    I learned from this video that you don’t have to have a great topic and know everything you can just be yourself and talk about stories from the past. I learned how you can get people interested by tone of voice and expressions. She inspired me and showed me knew ways of speaking.

  45. My favorite TED video was “cheetahs and hippos”.

    This video was taken at a conference dealing with economic development in Africa. The speaker was George Ayittey, a renowned economist.

    I can’t begin to tell you about how much this video opened my eyes. As a student of history and current events, I had an image of Africa that was completely changed when I heard this talk. Unfortunately, pop culture sends a message to Americans that Africa is populated by people who are beyond help and unable to feed or govern themselves.

    It really opened my eyes to the fact that there is a generation of Africans who see the truth of the phony ‘aid’ dollars and the corruption of the puppet dictators that rule far too many countries on the continent of Africa. Instead of our generation being bombarded by rap singers and sagging pants, I witnessed an educated well spoken man from Ghana who is willing and able to face the truth of the current post colonialism/ UN hand -out mentality and strive for a return to former glory. He wants to empower what he calles the ‘cheetahs’ of the young generation who want to be self sufficient without reliance on the corrupt socialist governments that are plaguing Africa.

    I’d like my friends at school to watch this video because it shows a completely different picture of what a real African citizen hopes for his culture. He is a well educated man with a passion for his people and a desire to inspire the next generation to oust the corrupt socialist patronizing puppet dictators who are literally robbing the continent blind. Our generation needs to see the real Africa and be prepared to work with them as they reclaim their greatness.

  46. Paul Debevec: Animates a photo-real digital face

    I really enjoyed this video because it amazes me how much we can do with technology. This video is all about taking pictures of someone and taking those photos and creating a movements with them, which is very interesting. I love technology and everything that has been discovered with how we can use it to do new things. Even though this might not seem like the most impressive thing to someone, it truely fascinates me because I could never figure out how to do this on my own. It is also interesting the things they could do with the lighting, how they could take the difference of two sets of lighting. We usually just see the product of things and never see how it gets to the finishing point, so in this video you actually get to witness a version of technology being created. I encourage anyone to watch this video, not just people who are interested it technology. Not only is it a neat video, but it is interesting to see how they are making all of this happen. Also, the speaker does a wonderful job during this talk and is very easy to follow and understand what is going on. If you are looking for a video that is interesting and very cool i definately recommend you watch this talk.

  47. Kiran Bir Sethi: Teaches kids to take charge.

    This video was so inspiring. It made me smile and realize how children can change the World, even if that starts with just one city. What made this video so great was the speaker, Kiran. I could tell that this topic was something she was passionate about. Her love for the topic is what got me interested. Kiran’s talk was very uplifting.

    Kiran believes that children have the potential to change the World. Seeing the pure joy and hope in these children was truly inspiring.

  48. Shai Agassi on Electric Cars

    I found Shai Agassi’s video inspiring because it was something that was happening right now. I could really tell he had a passion for this problem. It was very evident that he knew exactly what he was talking about. I have also pondered on this subject and this whole time I thought Ethanol was going to be our future but apparently you would need “an amazon in your backyard.” I don’t get why the U.S. hasn’t signed onto this, they really should. By 2020, Israel and Denmark’s cars being sold will be electric. I really liked Denmark’s law of how they raise the prices of gas powered cars.

    I would highly advise others to see this video. There is so much information you can get from this talk. He goes deep into the problem and displays different solutions to divert the crisis.

  49. Inspiring a person is something that is very hard to do but inspiring someone with your word is something that i think is nearly impossible. Raul Mindon inspired me with not only his words but the emotion on his face. With his two songs in the video:

    Raul sings about how have everybody in the whole world can make a difference. No matter what size of person or if he or she has a disability everyone can make a difference. I think this is the most important quality every one has to believe and be confident about what you do. In the world today people are struggling to find jobs. With this song he speaks to those to keep going and not give up because you can make a difference in someones life.
    The next song he sings peace on earth makes me think of what the world could be like without war. It makes me want to go out and preach to people what the world would be like without war. People could live throughout the world with harmony and we all could live together. With this music it allows people to relate to what he is saying with his harmony and this will make me strive to make a difference in peoples lives in any way i can. If i can influence people in a way Raul Mindon influenced me i could change the world and that is what he is doing through his songs. People are listening to him and he is changing lives one by one. This is why his video was the mist influential to me.

  50. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: Want to help Africa? Do business here

    I really found this talk interesting and inspirational. To be honest it completely revolutionized my views of a foreign country. Before hearing this talk I thought of Africa as a country submerged in crisis, illness, and poverty, but after the talk I was awakened to the idea that Africa is a place of innovation and opportunity. There is a desire among the people of this country to free themselves of the daunting categorization of Africa being a terrible place. What we’re told and what we see on television is not always true and this talk really opened my eyes to that possibility.

    I would suggest that everyone watches this video. It’s something that people should begin to understand because in order for Africa to change their self-image we all have to change our views of it. We can no longer dismiss Africa as subordinate, but rather embrace them as our equal. Ngozi wants it to be known that Africa is trying to change and improve and everyone should know about it.

  51. Karen Armstrong-Ted prize wish-charter for compassion

    Of all of the TED talks I have seen, Ms. Armstrong’s was the most inspiring. She spoke about how religion should not be a weapon that people use to judge each other, but a template we use structure a healthy person and society. As her TED wish, she explained that she wanted an actually written document or charter, to be passed around an dsigned by all of the religious leaders of all types around the world. This document would stand as a pact between the entire religious world explaining that no matter what religion we practice we should still use it to better the world around us regardless of the belief system people use. 

    I believe everyone should watch this video because it is both uplifting and logical. It is relatable by everyone, whether you are religious or not. She focuses more on becoming better people, which I believe all of us could stand to do.   

  52. Sorry. Never mind with the italics.

    Doris Kearns Goodwin: Learning from Past Presidents

    This was one of the first talks I watched, and I had thought that TED would be filled with big name, charismatic speakers who would be larger than life. After all, TED was an exclusive conference for intellectuals, and that was all I knew of it at that point in time. Then I watched Doris Kearns Goodwin step up to the podium and I couldn’t figure out why she was there. She is an older women and looked like any person that you could meet on the street. I was distracted by her normalness, having expected those larger than life characters, and did not pay close attention to what she was saying. However, as she began to get into her talk I became absorbed in what she was saying. I began to listen very closely to her talk and was surprised to find that she was a great story teller. She made serious points, but also mixed in humor that made the talk even more enjoyable. Her stories helped bring Lincoln and LBJ to life, and caused me to realize that even though they were big name, charismatic speakers, they were also just like her and me. They were normal people with their own goals in life. The stories Goodwin told about how they achieved those goals, and the happiness or lack there of that they found while doing so, taught me important life lessons about the balance or work, love, and play. It was her passion for history that helped to bring those lessons to life, and I found her passion and story-telling to be very inspirational.

    I highly recommend this video to anyone. The stories in it are examples of how to successfully, and not so successfully, balance your life between work, love, and play. Doris Kearns Goodwin is an amazing speaker, who also is humorous at times. Even if you do not learn the lessons I found, it is worth watching for the amazing and enlightening stories of who our past presidents were as men with their own lives and dreams.

  53. Einstein the parrot, parrot talks/squaks

    This video showed how closely related to animals we really are.  Birds are speaking our language with a little help.  Think of what they can learn to do.  They are so intelligent and it amazes me that they have such great attention span and memory!  I found this to be very interesting and gave me a break of the same old talks. 

    If you like having a good laugh, this video is for you.  It gives you an idea that Ted talks are not just talks that are telling you what to do, but showing you what you can do to help. It’s a fun video that’s enjoyable to watch.

  54. There were actually two talks that were the most inspiring talks to me. The first one was the David Blaine talk.

    It was called how I held my breath for 17 minutes. David Blaine really showed that he never quit and wanted to challenge himself everyday. David Blaine gave everything he had to reach his goal. The second talks that inspired me was John Wooden’s talk. John Wooden preached that in whatever you do, you should do it to the best of your ability.

    The reason why both of these men inspired me was because they did everything they could to reach their goal. Whether it was David Blaine holding his breath for 17 minutes under water, or John Wooden winning 7 consecutive National Championships in Basketball. These two men are unbelievable and that is why everyone should watch these videos because it inspires you to never give up and do everything to the best of your ability.

  55. David Perry on Video Games

    I think this video intrigued me because I am definitely a gamer. I grew up with a PC in my home and played simple computer games ever since I could remember. I was really able to express my take on games and tried to make connections with David. I’m grateful that I got to write a blog entry on this topic.

    You should watch this video because the editing will BLOW YOUR MIND! David presents a small clip of a college student who is just incredible at expressing his life with games. You will really enjoy this video. I promise.

  56. Philippe Starck: Thinks Deep on Design

    Out of all the talks I have seen thus far, this is by far the best.

    Philippe Starck is hard to understand both with and without subtitles, which originally made it easy for me to dismiss this talk and think of it as the worst talk of all.

    That was until I truly started thinking about it and its significance, at that point my whole view of the talk changed. The snippets I could understand here and there, eventually came together to form an inspiring talk over design, progress, evolution, and the meaning of those three combined.

    We design the product for the user, but we design for ourselves. We rethink the everyday objects for the benefit of the consumer, but we do it to enjoy life. We design to progress and leave behind a legacy, but the next generation is not to follow it.

    These are concepts that I am unable to explain to the degree that they deserve, but Starck explains them better than anyone else ever could. All you have to do is watch him repeatedly. Eventually, it will all make sense.

    These are revolutionary ideas that no one should miss out on and ideas that everyone should follow in their everyday lives.

  57. Sophal Ear, Escaping the Khmer Rouge

    I was inspired by this video to ask my mother more about our own family history. My grandmother and grandfather were married in China and had their honeymoon in Taiwan during a very bad time of communism in China. They had to pretend to be natives of Taiwan in order to escape the Communists. I feel that by watching this video, people will think of their parents more and how much parents give up and risk for their children. Personally, I try to thank my mother and father for everything that they do and appreciate that my grandmother and mother and the rest of my family even got to come to the United States.

  58. Tim Berners-Lee: The Year Open Data Went Worldwide

    Lee’s talk on ‘open data’ was by far the talk that inspired me the most. He makes the process sound so simple – for great things to happen, all you have to do is share information. For me, this simplicity was the key factor. By sharing raw data that has no value by itself, someone else can use it and turn it into something great. One company put out satellite imagery of the Earth in raw data form that wasn’t of much use. They simply shared it and allowed anyone to access it. Quickly, mappers around the world used the imagery to create a map of Haiti that ended up being used in the relief efforts. This is just one example of how when people share raw information, great things can happen.

    I definitely think everyone should watch this talk. Even if you don’t plan on sharing your raw data, it is incredibly inspiring and uplifting to see the achievements we can make by working together. Please, watch this video, and try to apply its basic principles, such as working together and sharing, in your day-to-day life. The world will be a much better place.

  59. Franco Sacchi tours Nigeria’s booming Nollywood

    Nollywood productions are seen by many people in America as a low end attempt at Hollywood, but this video interestingly shows the opposite. Throughout this video is expressed the ongoing need for African Nollywood members to earn money just to survive as many only live off $1 a day. The most inspiring thing in this video is how hard these actors and producers work to make thousands of movies a week all while only earning a very small salary. Another interesting thing in this video is how old and used the video cameras and other filming devices are and the Nollywood actors and producers don’t even mind. They just continue to put out more and more movies slowly increasing the quality of the shows and the acting.

    I recommend this video in part so that you will view Nollywood differently when ever you come across it. Also because it is inspiring to see a struggling group of people come together and work so diligently for minimal reward. And lastly it gives a little insight to how living in Africa is compared to America.

  60. Sirkumar Rao; Plug into your harwired happiness

    Honestly, I was not that excited when I read what this talk was about because I am not crazy about motivational speakers and I assumed this guy would be no different than the rest. However, this inspirational video was truly life changing.

    He was n0t pushy, or cocky in any way. It was truly genuine and really made me want to listen. When I was watching I felt like he was a freind who just wanted to lend a hand, not a stranger telling me how I should live. Because of the smooth way the message was delivered, I was motivated not only to listen, but to take action.

    I belive anyone who watches this video would feel the same way I did. First of all, its all about being happy and who does not want that, right. Second, its a really uplifting video that helps make your day better. Finaly it helps people like myself realize how simple things can change your life.

  61. To me this video is inspiring because a lot of people who go through hard times give up. This young man has been through so much it makes most of our issues pitiful. Even though he has been through a lot he still has goals, he never gave up. To be his age he has really big goals and they aren’t just dreams he talks of he his actually working toward them already. He also is music a sense of therapy and taking a positive outlet. Not only that he his using his music to help others like him. That really inspired me to think about what I can do for my community and people who might have similar struggles as I am. People should watch this video because we hear a lot about children war but almost never from the child’s point of view. On a bad day if you watch this video you might realize your bad day isn’t so bad after all.

  62. Emmanuel Jal: The music of a war child

    To me this video is inspiring because a lot of people who go through hard times give up. This young man has been through so much it makes most of our issues pitiful. Even though he has been through a lot he still has goals, he never gave up. To be his age he has really big goals and they aren’t just dreams he talks of he his actually working toward them already. He also is music a sense of therapy and taking a positive outlet. Not only that he his using his music to help others like him. That really inspired me to think about what I can do for my community and people who might have similar struggles as I am. People should watch this video because we hear a lot about children war but almost never from the child’s point of view. On a bad day if you watch this video you might realize your bad day isn’t so bad after all.

  63. Noah Feldman Says Politics and Religion are Technologies

    The TED talk that struck me a the most inspiring was undoubtedly Noah Feldman says Politics and Religion are technologies. What struck me about this talk was that it completely altered my mindset on two of the most common and prevalent facets of my very existence: politics and religion.

    I had always been one to say politics was pointless at my age and that a similar argument could be made for religion, as I am merely a young child who should focus more on the future rather than things that do not play a particularly significant role in my life at the moment. What I found particularly interesting was that it completely flipped my opinion of what constitutes a religion and what constitutes a political system. I had never looked at religion or politics as a means of controlling people as individuals, as when you think about the two respective entities, both offer a chance of controlling people. The vast majority of religions have a set of rules that people inherently follow making it a control mechanism for whoever is completely in charge of that system, and teh same can go for politics, as presidents, prime ministers, preists, and popes all hold incredibly how power and in a sense do control factions of people, depending on the individual type or religion and the individual type of political system, whether it be democratic or communistic.

    This video is one I would highly recommend you watch due to the fact that it might just very well change your opinion on somethings you more than likely deal with every day, politics and religion.

  64. Mistry Pranav’s thrilling potential of the 6th sense technology.

    This video was definitely the coolest video that I watched. The technology that he has created will allow us to do things that we never before imagined. The ability to pretty much carry around a computer on your chest that can project the screen onto anything you want is incredible. You can pick up a newspaper and it will recognize it and give you up to time data on what you are looking at. This new technology will completely change how we interact with our environment and how we do things. When you greet someone, it can recognize them and give you facts about them on the spot. If you want to take a picture and you don’t have a camera, you can just hold up your fingers like you are taking a picture and it will take one.

    If you haven’t already scene this video than you really need to. It will give you a whole new view on what new technology is out there. This video will make you wonder about what will happen next our what else can even be invented. What is so cool is that anyone can make this, it only takes about 300 dollars and you can construct one yourself.

  65. The most inspiring TED talk I watched was Jeff Han’s talk over his new multi-touch interface.

    After I had the privilege to talk to Jeff during one of our “Lunch-N-Learn” Skype sessions, I became very fascinated by the idea of a touch screen that works well that isn’t made by Apple. I have always been very into electronics and computers, and ever since I was little I’ve been taking things apart and putting them back together, sometimes now even modifying them. Jeff was a very neat guy, and I really hope that his technology becomes integrated in the electronics that many people rely on every day.

    If I were to suggest to someone to watch this talk, the main reason would be because of how controversial his technology really is. If you thought that Apple was getting something accomplished by releasing the iPad (which is basically an iPod Touch with a bigger screen), think again. The things that Jeff does with his new interface will blow your mind. I guarantee it.

  66. Dan Meyer: Math Class Needs a Makeover

    Dan makes a point here that resonates deeply with me. He shows how the teaching system we use currently is failing. Education these days has a easily “crammable” setup. A student can memorize a formula minutes before a test and do better than someone who understands the concepts. What is a test about? Furthermore, what is a class all about? Learning the principles in the class permanently. When that student who simply memorizes finishes their test, within the day the formula is usually gone, only to be re-learned for the final exam and then yet again, re-forgetten. Meyer shows a great way to approach math and perhaps all classes anew: teach logic, teach comprehension, give them the skills to analyze and understand new concepts.

    I myself am a math lover. However, I love even more the power of critical thinking and the skills it brings with it. Math is simply the power to visualize and critically think through why and how something works. This talk inspired me to rethink my general processes as a human being. Anyone, math geek or not, should watch this and consider the power of logic and critical thinking.

  67. There are two kinds of people who appear to be opinionated: those who actually are, and those who are compensating for their lack of certainty.

    I’m of the latter variety, and every once and a while, the facade slips and the cracks begin to show. Now would definitely be one of those times: as much as I’d like to proclaim a definitive answer on what the most inspiring TED talk I saw was, there are two currently vying for this position in my mind, and I’m reluctant to chose one. Nevertheless, I suppose it’s required, so I will go with Richard Dawkins’ talk on “our queer universe.”

    The other talk I was wrestling with choosing was also by Dawkins, and luckily it won’t entirely be neglected as they both feature key qualities: namely, excellent speaking and scientific information. I’d give the edge to this one, though, as it features absolutely none of Richard’s infamous atheistic proselytization; instead, Dawkins takes the time to demonstrate just how limited the boundaries of human perception and experience really are, and how this proves that even if the truth is hard for us to digest, that’s simply the fault of our biology and doesn’t mean such isn’t the case (energy exisiting without a cause, for example) The speech is objective, fascinating, and sure to spark a childlike sense of wonder in even the most jaded viewer’s imagination. What’s not to love?

  68. Bill Gates: Innovating to Zero

    I loved this TED talk.

    Throughout the entire talk, Bill is talking about alternative fuels. Not just one or two, but all of them. Unlike most engineers who think their solution is the only one that will work, Bill lists the pros and cons of all of them including his own. This shows you that Bill is truly trying to help the world move forward instead of trying to make a quick buck with new energy. I also like this TED talk because it sends a message to all the engineers in the world, and since I want to be an engineer when I grow up I believe it’s sending a message to me.

  69. Euvin Naidoo on investing in Africa

    For me, Euvin Naidoo’s talk on the economic possibilties of Africa was truly eye-opening. Not only was I exposed to the great economic haven Africa will provide going into the future, but I was inspired to look at everything from a different perspective. Where Mr. Naidoo showed how he looked past the poverty, famine, AIDS, and everything thing else negative that is synonymous with Africa, and saw the possibilty of a new world that it will soon become. This helped me to look at everything differently and ultimately led me to giving my own TED-inspired talk on seeing the deeper meaning within all things. Mr. Naidoo has not only changed how I look at Africa but changed how I look at life also.

    I believe everybody should watch this TED talk. It’s about so much more than investing in Africa and the economic benefits of the country. I was inspired to look at the whole world differently, everything I hear, see, or come into contact with in any form. If I could take that much away from it, there is surely something no matter how great, that you can take away from the talk also.

  70. 2) The most inspiring talk I saw was the one about the ‘Sixth Sense’. It was very fascinating that we have come so far with technology and what we can so with technology.

  71. John Wooden: True Success

    This, at least I think, can relate to everyone. Everyone struggles or has struggled with achieving success at some point in their lives, or rather how to accept defeat. Winning may not be the true victory, but rather how you handle it. If you simply do not take a failure too seriously, then how will it even affect you? It won’t. You shouldn’t let a failure bring you down at all. It is inevitably for countless failures to occur in our lives.

    It seemed that John Wooden really knew what he was talking about, being the successful coach that he is. A game is a perfect example to discuss success. Your personal success depends on how you receive it on the court and off. The simple answer to how it pertains to me is that I, like everyone else in the world, sometimes fail. This talk gave me something to walk away with; the knowing that I should handle failure very simply: I should not let it hold me back.

  72. The most inspiring video to me was American character by Anna Deavere. This video was interesting to me because all of the people she interviewed went through hard trials in their life. It makes me appreciate life more. I feel like when think I’m having the worst day of my life, I want to stop myself. What I may be going through is nothing compared to what they went through. When Deavere acted out the lady from the prison, I nearly cried because hearing stories like that is heart breaking. I recommend that people watch this talk because it makes you appreciate life. Others may have it worse than you do. It also teaches motivation because the man she acted got hurt by doing something he loved and his brother died. However, he is still pushing on. As people, we have to keep on pushing and appreciating everyday and living as if it was our last.

  73. The most inspiring TED talk that I had a chance to analyze was Andy Hobsbawm say: Do the green thing.(

    His TED talk was inspiring to me because it me because it changed me in a way. Ive become a greener person and throughout my day I’ve learned to make greener decisions thanks to his video. Also, his TED talk has helped me become a healthier person. In his video he only talks about one of the seven ways that he has devised to living a greener life. I was so interested in knowing more that I visited that website and suggest the same to you.

    By living a greener life you making a good decision for yourself. You are not only helping yourself but also the environment. By watching Andy Hobsbawm says: Do the green thing, you will be making the first step towards living a green life which is becoming interested in doing it.

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