Christian Long

Links & Recs

Here are all the 640 TED Talks our TEDxProject students are analyzing:

A few TED-for-Education related sites/projects we’re also keeping an eye on:

  • Our TEDxProject Facebook page: Come “fan” the page so you can  follow our regular status update feed.  This will let you  know when new student posts are published day by day, week by week!
  • Teaching with TED wiki:  Amazing resource created by Jackie Gertstein, Ed. D. (@jackiegertsetin on Twitter).
  • TED [dot] COM course:  Based on the collective efforts of “ Worth Sharing,” a First Year Seminar consisting of 28 students and two faculty members at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA.
  • The TEDxTerry Talks: Every year, “TEDxTerry talks” is held on campus, where students are given a high profile platform to communicate their passions and desires to an audience of their University of British Columbia peers. It essentially borrows a template from a well-established conference known as the TED conference, and modifies it for delivery within the UBC setting.
  • TEDxProject.Blogspot:  Canadian teacher, Rich Farm, and his 10th graders have started their own “TEDxProject” now, too (based on our project).  They’ll eventually analyze 224 TED Talks in 8 weeks, as described in their TEDxProject class wiki.

TEDxYouth, TEDxTeen, + TEDxKids related sites/videos:

TED and TED-related sites:

  • The official TED blog
  • Tedify: An independent TED tribute project dedicated to “TED’s voice” via examination of the various talks.

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